Laurie’s Positive Points:

Be sure to reward yourself for your appropriate and desired behavior.


We need to renew our relationship with food primarily continually, but any potential addiction or area of problematic behavior.

We need to make sure we show up and provide a light at the end of the tunnel. When we eat and behave in our desired way, we need to do something that is a reward.

Giving ourselves rewards for excellent behavior is one way to reestablish our relationship with food regularly with lightness and joy.

Sometimes when we reward ourselves for our wanted behavior, we end up making the whole process of changing our eating behavior and other additions more fun and generally more successful.

When we reward ourselves, we can use this to our full advantage at getting ourselves into a consistent rhythm with eating and behaving well simply because we enjoy our reward. And therefore, our success is inevitable when we are willing to provide ourselves that generous reward.

And remember to reward ourselves with something other than food when we want to become more successful in eating our optimal foods.

Sometimes, if we have an incredibly long history of eating foods that are not helping us or may not even be good for us, we may not want to reward ourselves with food. 

In the beginning stages of trying to change the way we deal with food successfully, we may need to not reward ourselves with food or behavior that will throw us off balance.

Sometimes eating certain foods, we might regularly binge on may trigger us into eating this food in a binge style.  Then not be able to stop ourselves from further binges because we are so activated eating this food even once, even if it is merely once in life or for a reward. Hence, we need not use those types of foods for our prizes. 

We need to be aware of which foods are our triggers, and we can gather this information only from living and watching our behavior. We need to collect information about how all foods are eaten affect us. We can do this ourselves, overtime only by watching how we behave with all our exposed foods.

It is fair to reward ourselves with food if we discover that this works. We need to select something that does not send us into extreme behavior and unhelpful behaviors in the process.  

 Then if you don’t want to use food for your reward, remember that there are lots of other ways of rewarding yourself.

Like one thing I do is I use the foot massager machine every day for my reward. I am eating well and doing tasks that are helpful instead of destructive.

I also have used meditation as a reward for eating well and living well. Or we can enjoy conversations or do something fun with our loved ones.

You can use anything as a reward, as long as it is not a potentially destructive source that propels us into dark energy and purpose.  

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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