Laurie’s Positive Points:  

We want our relationships to be a reflection of abundance:

Our relationships are a way to demonstrate that we are abundant.

Our relationships we all have because part of being human is our need to communicate to get some of our needs met. We all have to interact on occasion to survive, appreciate that we all have relationships because we are humans.

Please take this in and then modify this and take this reality and make its best.

Since we all have relationships, we want to focus on making them feel and seem abundant actively.

We want to approach interacting with people with the notion that there is plenty and that we can all get our needs met if we work cooperatively.

We need to take advantage of the fact that we are all connected, and make sure we show up, and remember that energetically we are all connected as well.

When we remember we are all connected, this is one way to explain why being associated with our brothers and sisters makes us abundant. Because in that unity, we can readily feel and experience our brothers and sisters because we are all connected energetically.

Unity is of God, and therefore, God is abundant, and therefore, an accord is abundant. 

We must remember to make sure we make all of our intentions and efforts stay in a state of unity consistent because unity is of the highest energetic level.  

When we join our brothers and sisters, this is abundant because we do not separate from them.  

We need to stay focused on our abundant connection with our brothers and sisters, and we need to include the abundant energy and that mindset in our relationships with all. When we feel generous, we accept what we see and not battling the ego and the world. 

Furthermore, we are not attacking the world for all it seems to be because we focus on the inner knowing that alls well and, therefore, can reduce and eradicate all the suffering.

Remember to be grateful for all of our relationships, even those that sometimes cause us to be concerned or upset; remember to be thankful for all of them.

However, they affect us over time, and this gratitude will give our relationships a real sense of abundance because we focus consciously on plenty in the act of appreciation. So do this without reserve.  

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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