Miracles Lesson 1: “Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.”

This introduction so eloquently explains how to do the workbook.

 It is so cool to start the workbook repeatedly because I always love the first 50 lessons, especially. For some reason, I groove on them wholeheartedly.

The Course teaches us how to do the workbook, giving us explicit instruction about how to do the lessons specifically.

I always love that the Course provides us these practical applications because we want to practice the workbook.

The whole point of reading the workbook is so we can actively practice it, ideally without fail.

Some study books or areas of study may place more emphasis on the book learning of the information.

Still, the Course wants us to put all of the text and the Teacher’s Manual into a useable formation in our thinking.

We want to actively practice living the Course, for there is no other reason to study the Course in the first place.

This is such a strong suggestion. The Course says that our application of the Course principles is what makes the Course somewhat unique. 

It is not a religion to only do on Sunday. We must make every bit of behavioral change, and our minds are getting reworked as well, and we live this way from moment to moment. 

 The Course wants us to get the principles, and the proper way to do this is to put the Course into practice.

So the Course shares with us the wisdom of the workbook to truly internalize the Course’s truth. And apply it broadly to our whole lives.I am grateful for the Course’s wisdom in the application of the principles.

When the Course invites us to make practical applications of the workbook lessons, we must include a random sample of our thinking, ideas, or things we see.

We are asked not to have everything or end up going to some extremes in practice.  The Course invites us to make sure we don’t exclude anything to include different examples in our selection of items.

When we exclude something or try to have everything, we end up at the extremes.  The Course merely invites us to not be at the heights, but instead always go toward the middle way.

The Course wants us to understand that everything we see is applicable so that we get the clear message that we can apply all of the things in the world to these ideas the Course teaches us at the beginning of the workbook.

Just remember that everything in the world is a game for applying these truths about them.

Don’t suffer over the insanity, but instead use all the world’s insanity to get back to God.

All love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed acupuncture


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