Lesson 129:  “Beyond this world there is a world I want.”

This lesson says, “You cannot stop with the idea that the world is worthless, for unless you see that there is something else to hope for, you will only be depressed.”  

I think this is the most important lesson, which offers this paramount explanation in the Course about how to relate specifically with the world, especially for newer Course people.  

I think that people who study the Course often get upset about the way the Course always categorizes the world as not real.

The stating of all these instructions that the world’s unreal, are meant to help us learn to not be so invested in the world. 

But I think the Course repeatedly says, like in this lesson, that both pleasant and unpleasant parts of the world are always around us, so we need to allow these hard things to be unreal, so that we are not energetically or internally disturbed by the world. 

This is why the Course goes out of its way, to say this probably millions of times, so we don’t get so powerfully affected by our experiences  of the world.

This can feel awful and depressing, when we have no enjoyable world to speak of, if it is in fact unreal and meaningless, this can cause us a real disruption within us, for anyone doing the Course actively, and wanting to understand it fully, because it is hard to take. 

I am always thrilled when I get to this lesson, because it is when we start to learn from the Course, that there is another world, that is even better than the world we know now.

This is so amazing, there is no way to describe it. 

We want to allow the world to be a center where God is Supreme, and is always with us to carry out tasks. 

Meanwhile, we also know we are lovable permanently, and that God guarantee’s our salvation, and our sinlessness, so we can always approach the world, from a place of positivity, and proactive peace.

We can bring the miracles, because we realize this is the world Jesus is describing here, where we engage with the world in a way, where we feel whole, complete, and entirely empowered to make actions that are of a high vibration. 

Then, once we see that the world is there for the expression of our peace, and the world is a place to demonstrate God’s miracles. 

Then suddenly, practicing the Course gets so much easier and more fun, because the Course is not all about getting to that place in the world of entire detachment, but is rather a place where we simply learn to have a different relationship with the world. 

This is not the least bit depressing, so I am glad to hear that God wants us to have even more positive experiences in the world, and we can realize that the world has value, as long as we remember the world is valueless simultaneously.          

I am always tickled pink to find out that God is not asking us to vacate the world, only vacate thoughts that are worldly, in whatever area of our lives. 

God wants us to sing His praises that He is only asking us to get more clear, and to resonate a higher vibration, while we are in the world.  Then, the world is our learning arena about how to get to God, in a fun way, so it is good for us.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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