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Lesson 136: “Sickness is a defense against truth.”

This lessen says, “Sickness is not an accident.  Like all defenses, it is an insane device for self-deception.” 

I am always thrilled to hear the Course’s rendition about how sickness comes about. 

The ego always says that sickness is an accident, a struck of bad luck, which can’t be denied and foregone, because it is our fate. 

The ego always likes to be dramatic, and make the nightmare terrible, so it doesn’t try to intervene, when we get sick.  

Instead, our only option is to simply suck it up, and die dreadfully and pitifully because we have no other choice.

The Course says that sickness is a defense against the truth, which means that we need to focus on believing that we are totally lovable, and sinless permanently. 

Thus, there is never any possibility that we can die or fade away, or that our body will not be functional enough for us to do exactly the tasks on earth, that God wants us to do. 

God guarantees that our lovability and sinlessness is forever in tact, so there is never anything that should lesson or stop our consistent flow of God’s Supreme Energy. And therefore, we can trust that our bodies will not die or be sick, unless it is deemed appropriate in God’s Plan. 

The only reason we ever get sick is because we forget for a moment that we are lovable, and ultra worthy, and that we carry in our Essence, the constant awareness that since we are God’s Creations entirely, we are guaranteed that there will never be any sickness. 

We just need to allow our bodies to be peaceful and harmonious grounds, that are ultra holy. 

Therefore, there is never any problem that we can’t heal, if we simply remember all the Course says about how we are not a body, and that we are given the gift of great health, when we allow our bodies to be the vehicles that serve us, as long as we need them.

We surrender our attachment to the body.  Therefore, there is never any reason to worry about the body getting sick or dying, so if we carry this within us, then we will be most likely to not battle with our bodies, if we get sick.  And this not battling with our bodies is the most important part, of our ideal healthy relationships to have with our bodies.

Since sickness is an insane device for self deception, let’s us know that what is insane is automatically not a part of God’s Kingdom.  All of God’s Creations are sane. 

So recognize sickness was not made by God.  There is simply no way we can get sick if we keep in mind that we are of God’s Energy, because God’s Energy is perfect. 

The Course simply reminds us to just look at our minds, and the deceptions in our minds when we get sick, and we go there first and foremost when we get sick.  

Aways look first at how we twist our own minds, when we forget about God’s Kingdom, and are believing we are guilty sinners, and unworthy of God’s Commitment to our salvation. 

Realizing that we are God’s Energy, allows us to resolve our bodies’ sickness with the power of our thinking. 

We just need to remember all the great things God says to us, and that He is committed to us, to our true salvation, and our lovability, and that gives us real fuel to shift the bodies’ sickness. 

We can realize that since there is nothing wrong with us, then the likelihood is highest that we can cure our bodies of sickness, if that sickness is a need for changing our minds about it, or if it is the matter of God’s Will that we be sick for God’s reason.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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