Lesson 150: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “I will accept atonement for myself.”  “Only salvation can be said to cure.”

I love the Course’s saying, in the introduction here, “There is no hurry now, for we are using time for its intended purpose.” 

I am always grateful that the Course reminds us to slow down, so that we can live our lives consciously. 

I always find myself rushing, because I think my ego likes to get lots done on my own personal list, so often I go fast, to  placate the ego. 

The Course is inviting us to redo our whole existence entirely. 

No matter how long and how deeply engrained are our habits, as humans, the Course reminds us that it is never too late to take greater steps, in actually achieving a higher level of living consciously. 

There is always an opportunity to start over, and Jesus reminds us that we can change our minds about the ego, and rushing, with a simple more clear choice to change.  

The ego rushes, so that we are too busy that we won’t notice, that we have our blinders on, and we are allowing the dark, ego energy to infiltrate us entirely.

 The ego likes to make us miss our deeper awareness that we want to change.  When we are too busy, we don’t notice that we are uncomfortable.

So the Course asks us to slow down, and get into the habit of sitting with God, and sitting with ourselves, so that we have a moment to reflect on how we feel. 

This is the most precious jewel of awareness, because it is all we need to the take another step, in the process of getting to God, in then choosing a better way.

The Course reminds us that it is ok to do anything, as long as we are simply doing all the tasks with God exclusively; thus, it is fine to speed up, if we prefer doing things quickly. 

Simply realize how much the ego uses rushing around to numb our minds, so just appreciate how quickly we can go there, if we are not paying attention.  We can be quicker, as long as we are with God entirely.


I find, personally, that slowing down, does allow me to have so much more awareness of how I am using my body, and mind, so I am grateful for these words of wisdom, to slow down ,and pay attention.

I also love the wisdom that we are using time for its intended purpose.  This statement definitely is another factor to help me slow down.

Knowing that time is a blessing, and life is a blessing. 

I can honor time more in slowing down, when I know that God has a plan, and that there is nothing random in time. 

God wants us to not stress about trying to get things done fast, because God wants us to relax about time, and not be attached to any idea about what time is. 

Using time for its intended purpose allows me to not be resistant to time’s variables.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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