Miracle’s Lesson 155: “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”

This lesson so eloquently advises us: “I will step back and let Him lead the way” is the most outstanding wisdom the Course offers us.

This wisdom is the ONE instruction we need to follow, and then there can be zero problems in our lives.

The problem is always that our egos are number one in tune with running the show. The egos are never willing to step back and allow anything else to lead except themselves.

Our egos’ go to such lengths to never let this happen. The ego demonstrates so much drama and trauma we will experience in the world, so we get entirely sidetracked, and we never even get to realize it is happening.

Our egos have such a skill at distracting us, so we need to be careful to watch for this and catch it when the ego starts to succeed.

Our only real job and the only important thing for us is to capture our egos when they run amuck.

We need to realize how skilled our egos are, but we need to catch it and stop it. We need to make this effort and then catch the ego in its tracks and silence it down.

The Course reminds us that after we catch the ego at its sinister ploy, then we want to jump up and immediately make sure we choose God to lead our lives at every moment.

We need to be willing to do this. God is our best friend and Savior because God has Supreme Energy and Purpose that gives us all the happy and beautiful parts of life when we remember to choose Him.

Remember that the ego is formidable energy to change, and it is seemingly tough to get the ego to go away. But the Course says that I, myself, need to be the one willing to disengage the ego from my mind simply by being aware of the ego and being aware of what I truly want for myself.

The problem is that the ego does not want to step back at all, so we need to give this to God’s altar when we get stuck and ask for guidance about getting the ego to vacate.

Being serene is how we can get the ego to leave, but sometimes we forget how serenity feels.

The Course reminds us that serenity is when we are willing and open to someone else being right instead of insisting on our way as right.  

Serenity is when we remember that everyone else is equally as right as we are.

And if we are having difficulty coming to the awareness of what equilibrium is, we can always pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for help and guidance.

The Holy Spirit is always available for us. So we should turn to His wisdom commonly.

 The Holy Spirit is good at everything, so we don’t need to limit what kinds of things we bring to Him for guidance.

He knows all about all, so we can trust that He is there and available all the time and will answer our questions.

All Love, 

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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