Lesson 157: Into His Presence would I enter now.

This lesson reminds us, “Into Christ’s Presence would I enter now, serenely unaware of everything except His shining face and perfect Love.” 

I love the word and meaning of serenity.  Serenity is the way we get to God. 

Serenity is the means by which we can catch ourselves, and find out if in fact we are in fact aligned with God.  

Serenity translates into softness and gentleness within.  Serenity frees our minds, because it is a God-experience.

We need to catch ourselves first.  Ask ourselves the question, and see if we are serene, or if we need to actively initiate our easiness within. 

Serenity is that perfect, calm, and clear moment, where we can do anything in the world, when we are trouble—free, because when are serene, we are open to the flow and power of God.  Therefore, everything becomes easy.

Being serene means we are up for accepting things, as the world appears to be, and so this is definitely the way to be aligned with God’s Energy. 

Being serene means we are not battling the world.  Being serene means we are not in resistance to the world.  We simply allow things to happen when they do.

I love that serenity has so much power, when we use it. 

When we allow the world to be how it is, we can be freed of our attachment to the world.

And when we are serene, our power within is mighty, because we are allowing God’s Energy and Purpose to rule all we see.

I love how powerful serenity is.  I think of it as the most potent power and effecting agent.

When I think of how attached I get to the world, while this is such a fierce reality, about how frozen and unmovable I get in my attachment, and yet serenity is the most amazing catalyst. 

Serenity never changes, it just stays functioning in God’s most holy and true way, it always stays an active force, even after we use it and stop using it.

It still stays its most powerful way, of being a catalyst, to change the no longer functional stuff within me and all.

Serenity is always a component of what has the capacity to drastically change us, if we carry serenity with us, because serenity is God’s elevated force, and so it has the utmost power.

Serenity is the catalyst that does not change, and yet it also is the most powerful of energies and force, because it can change our attachment. 

Even the attachment that is so excruciating.

This is why serenity is what we need to carry with us, the longest way possible into the nightmare. 

Serenity is this easiness about things.  We are relaxed when we are serene, and this allows us to feel light.

Serenity dissolves that attachment.  It is like a science experiment that God has come to show us what we can discover, when we are open to a constant stream of our own serenity.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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