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Lesson 164: Now we are one with Him Who is our Source

This lesson reminds us, “We bless the world, as we behold it in the light in which our Savior looks on us through His forgiving vision, not our own.” 

The world is always a puzzle to us, because it has so many aspects, that seem difficult or insane.  The world is regularly throwing us for a loop. 

Our egos stand up, and speak forcefully, pressuring us to maintain the status quo.

The Course says, no matter how insane and disturbed we feel by the ego’s version of the world, we want to stay in a positive relationship with the world.  

We get into the space of scarcity, when the  world throws us for a loop, then we end up forgetting that every trying circumstance in the world is simply a call for Love. 

When we go to the world, and we are willing to answer the calls for Love, and bring Love and forgiveness to the world, then our existence becomes dramatically altered.  

The Course reminds us no matter how crazy the world is, simply show up, and bless it, because blessing the world is the only way for us, to not get reactive, and therefore, we eliminate our attack energy about the world. 

When we bless the world, then we show up, with kid gloves on.

Therefore, we can instead not go to war with the ego, because we don’t want to fight back, but to rather simply show up, with a kind, and understanding attitude about the world.

The true picture of the world is not something that we need to forgive, because when we add God’s sacred, powerful energy of our not being sinners, to our attitude about the world, then we can stand up, and enjoy the world.

The only problem we actually have with the world in reality, is that we resist the world.   If we were willing to accept all the worldly changes, then there would be no suffering for us. 

We judge instantaneously, when we go through our day to day life, and we are simply asked to just realize that our insanity over the suffering about the world is simply from our resistance to the world. 

And the amazing thing is that God has given us, the number one way to stop resisting the world.  

All we need to do is forgive the world, with the knowledge of God’s assertion that we are all sinless and will forever be innocent. 

Then, we can truly forgive the world, and be fully released from any kind of lasting energetic imprint in our energy fields, that continues to serve as an upset. 

The forgiveness, designed by God, needs to be applied to ourselves, and everyone else in the situation, and to each aspect of the situation that needs to be forgiven.  We need to simply forgive everything we see.

Forgiveness is our only line of attack, when we use God’s Purpose to heal the world. 

This is such a blessing, because forgiveness is readily available to us all the time, so that we can offer a plentiful salve of forgiveness over anything that has upset us.  The moment we turn to forgiveness, we are totally healed. because we remember to think with God to solve the situation.  

When we are willing and able to hold forgiveness in our awareness, all the time while we deal with the world, then our capacity to bless it will be easy, because we are not upset by it.  Blessing the world is the best way to stay aligned with God, because in the act of blessing the world, we need to stay in our awareness of forgiveness about the world, throughout our days.  We need to allow the world to be miraculous, when we are willing to participate in bringing Love and bringing forgiveness.  

We are the agent in the mystery.  We need to show up and do our part.

When we are in  the forgiveness mind set, then we can give the world a shower of kind and happy thoughts, because we are accepting the high quality of the world, and we are not resisting the world, so we can have an open, easy attitude toward the world. 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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