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Lesson 171: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.”  “All things are echoes of the Voice for God.”  “The power of decision is my own.”

The world is simply a call for Love. 

The world may appear to attack us, or do something that makes our egos insist is unfair and unwelcome, because it looks like a nightmare. 

But the amazing aspect of this is that we can make these terrible worldly instances not affect us at all, or at least not in a huge way. And this is the best gift, if we can find a way to be easy about the world, and not attack back, when the world’s attack seems to get us.

The Course says everything is either Love, or it is a call for Love.  Therefore, when we remember this, then all of the world results in Love. 

We have Love when we see it, and we also have Love resulting, in situations that are a call for Love. 

And, it is our privilege to bring Love and the miracles, to situations, that appear to be lacking in Love. 

The moment we bring Love and the miracles, the Love goes right through us, and therefore, we end up energetically elevated, and therefore, happy and easy, because all we do is experience more Love, when we bring it. 

Thus, bringing Love only does us good, so we just need to willing to simply allow those calls for Love, to be experiences of Light.  They can feel good, when we allow them to be Light.

God always has a perfect Plan, in the Universal agenda, and therefore, we can trust all we see that is happening in the world, because we can trust God’s agenda absolutely. 

As long as we trust God is running the show of our lives, then we can trust that all of our live’s experiences are necessarily beneficial for us. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about anything that happens, because God is constantly demonstrating His astonishing, perfect Love for us, that is steadfast and permanent.  God gives us all the support we need while we live, and also to carry out our God- inspired plans.

Just know that everything in our lives and in the world as we see it, was created by ourselves, most definitely,  God says in the Course, that all things we see in the world, we just need to be Light about, because God would never allow us to have something unhelpful for us, in our lives.

The world is something that is projected out into matter, from our minds. 

All of our thoughts  make the world, and therefore, we want to be sure to  pay attention to our thinking, because we are always coming into contact with our own minds, the moment we see something in the world, that we think is unpleasant. 

We need to stay still for a moment, and then take a step back, in order to undo our upset about it. 

It is not everyone else in the world, trying to ruin our days. The Course says that we are the only ones who make the world, since our thinking gets manifested into the world.

Thus, we need to start immediately with ourselves, and look even closer, all the time to our thinking, so that we can in fact change the world.  And sometimes it might take a little bit of time to change the world, but just stay with it, knowing that our thinking is the root cause of the world, so the world changes eventually.  

We just need to be willing to do the miraculous thing for ourselves, and stay attuned to our thinking, and then to be willing to change our minds, the moment we forget our lovability and our certainty. 

We just want to be the ones, who are willing to choose a better way of connecting with God. 

We have this amazing power in our thinking.  If we can make the world via our thinking, that means we have potent levels of power, in our thinking capacity. 

We just need to stay in touch with how powerful our minds are, and with this full awareness, take every step mentally, to be in harmony with our minds. 

Our powerful thinking allows us to do all things that are worth doing in life.  We just need to stay balanced energetically, in our highest vibration of thinking.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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