Lesson 178: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.” “Let not my mind deny the thought of God.”  “I am entrusted with the gifts of God.”

In lesson 166, it says, “God’s trust in you is limitless.

Some other definitions for trust are assurance and confidence. I love how the Course establishes for us, that God totally, one-hundred percent believes in us. 

God declares that we are infinitely lovable, and forever innocent, and thus, when we are able to carry out our lives with this awareness of how powerfully God feels about us, this allows us to excel. 

The Course reminds us that God never believed we were anything else but worthy, and free of sin, and therefore, we can feel easy about life,  because when we feel lovable, we act lovable. 

And acting lovable in the world means that we show up to calls for Love with the miracle of forgiveness and non-judgement. 

When we remember how God feels about us, then we end up being and acting appropriately in our day to day existence.  And this will feel amazing, if we allow this to be.

The Course reminds us to let go of all of those limited relationships that we probably learned in our lives over time, especially about the kind of relationship we have with God. 

Usually in standard religions, there is a very limited perception of how much God loves us, so we end up believing this internally, because we are so used to hearing it in the world. 

The Course reminds us that we need to totally reestablish our relationship with God, and we may not even realize how much our incorrect relationship with God has affected us.   

When we so convinced of God’s being limited then, we can never heal our relationship, with our one true, and wholly sane God.

The Course is inviting us to change our minds about all the limitation about God.  When we realized that God is entirely unlimited, then we can more easily believe and buy into the other things the Course teaches, because we are more practiced at getting to a different perception of God especially, which may feel difficult for us to do.

We just need to learn how to allow God to be limitless, and then deeply take in this awareness, and allow it to open our minds and hearts to the bigger possibilities. 

We want to see God for the limitless Self He is, and then after we get good at that, we want to practice getting into the mindset that we are limitless too. 

God is the most perfect example of what the greatest extents of limitless can be, so we just need to realize this is true, and then use God as our inspiration, and use God as our example for how to lead our lives. 

God wants us to run with this awareness that we are limitless, and allow it to transform us.  We can have the experience of getting bigger in our consciousness, if we allow it to be so.  

That makes for a great time!!


Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture



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