Lesson 183: “I call upon God’s name and on my own.”

This lesson reminds us that,”Heaven would be completely given back to full awareness, memory of God entirely restored, the resurrection of all creation fully recognized.”

I love that this is all we have to do  to get to the place of feeling exceptionally well, and functioning optimally in the world, because God so wills it. 

There is utmost ease when we know that God’s Supreme Energy, His force and power is already within us. 

We are finding out that there is nothing we have to do to restore our connection with God, because our connection with God is continual and permanent.  

We can rely on the fact that God will always be true, and therefore we can trust His Word. 

God declares that we are innocent forever, and therefore, all we need to do is recognize how God truly sees us, in order to establish why we have no problems in the world at all, if we simply remember that God is already in us. 

This feels amazing, because all of our challenges disappear, because we can sit in the certainty that God Loves us, and God guarantees our sinlessness.  Knowing how God feels about us is all we need to get the amazing place where we are open to the flow of God’s Love.

Since we can trust God’s opinion of us, we can instead,  sit in the certainty that there is nothing we can’t do, as long as God is joined with us, and we remember this to be our reality.

The ego is the insane part of us, and the ego is the only one who doubts our certainty and our lovability.

God, in the Course, wants us to recognize that since we are loved with the perfect amount of God’s Love, we are guaranteed that we will be happy in life, as long as we remember this. 

Our only real job is to get out of the way.  God is doing all the heavy hitting. 

The Course is not suggesting that we are meant to try to get from God anything except for our right to our resurrection, and our right to the endless flow of God’s Love. 

Since God’s Love for us and the wonder of God’s Will is permanently ours, the only problem in the picture is that we are meant to realize this for the truth it is.

We just need tor realize that God wants for us all the abundance, and all the good stuff. 

We can rely on God’s devotion for us, because it is a constant.  The only problem that ever happens in the situation, is that we forget to notice it.  This is the best news ever!

All we have to do is sit and see God’s Love for the extraordinary force it is, and just remind ourselves regularly, that since we have God’s Love, our resurrection is a done deal.  

I savor the knowing that comes when we are willing to remember that we are totally saved for all time, because God wills it for us. 

Therefore, all we need to do, is allow this awareness to run over our consciousness, and allow it to sink in.

Giving it permission to be within us is all we need to do.  Just keep it in our awareness, and then we have all we need to execute miracles in our day- to-day lives.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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