Lesson 192: I have a function God would have me fill.”

This lesson reminds us, “Forgiveness is the closest that Creation can come to earth.” 

I just love the Course’s message that God gave us forgiveness, so that we can save the world. 

God wanted to give us specifically, something that can be understood and experienced in the world, that will lead to our salvation. 

It not only leads to our salvation; in fact, it is our salvation. 

God gave us forgiveness, because it is the one thing we can do that is most beneficial and is perfect in dealing with healing the separation, or our perceived separation. 

God gave us forgiveness that is absolutely perfect for all the world’s ills. 

Forgiveness incorporates the elevated mind state that God gives us, that we can actually use in the world.  Forgiveness, amazingly enough, gets us as close to Heaven as we can be, while we are not yet in Heaven. 

Then this state of higher energetic elevation, while we forgive, allows us to to be right outside Heaven’s door. 

We also know that God says, from this perfect place, God can and is absolutely happy, by His own Hand, to bring us to Heaven.  God wants us to know that He is going to carry us Himself, so we can relax in the process.

There is no way the process can fail, because it is God inspired, and God is taking His Supreme action.  By definition, God can not fail.

I love that all we have to do is to forgive the world, and all we see in the picture, in order to establish our own exquisite peace and harmony. 

This is so easy and straightforward.  Forgiveness is the miracle that brings us exactly where we need to go to get to Love.

This lesson also reminds us, “That a jailer is not free for he is bound together with his prisoner.” 

The Course is always reminding us to make sure our attack thoughts are in check. 

We always find that judgements and attack thoughts abound within us, and thus, we are meant to watch our thoughts, and catch them, before they run rampant, and then change them.  Get to the attack thoughts before they get to us.  

Forgiveness is the way to not hold anyone hostage in the world.  Forgiveness totally dissipates our old attack energy within, especially about other people. 

The Course reminds us to catch our attack thoughts promptly, and then release that bondage, that we have when we are energetically attacking the person we are judging. 

The Course reminds us that we have to give all this attack energy to God’s altar, and allow it to disintegrate.  Remember how automatic this judgement and attack energy is, and try to deal with it, before anything else steals our attention.

Forgiving our attack energy is the way to establish our own freedom, from the bondage and imprisonment from the situation we are judging. 

This is why forgiveness is our salvation. Let’s bring it with us always, and feel it, and resonate with it.  Then we will feel so great!!!

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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