Lesson 206: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “Salvation of the world depends on me.”

Lesson 186 reminds us, “Let us not forget our function.”

God says that we need to remember that we are truly loved and lovable, and our sinlessness is whole and permanent. 

Therefore, God wants us to realize that we are perfect as we are, so that we don’t sit in such resistance to who we are. 

God knows if we internalize our worth, we will be the most functional and happy, and able to live moment to moment miracles in our entire existence. 

The only problem that we truly have in life is that we forget that God is right with us, exactly in this moment, and that God has no hesitation about reminding us of our worth.  The ego makes us forget our worth, and we sink into heavy and dark energy. 

The whole purpose of the Course is to help us reestablish our regular inflow of God’s Love into our being, because this is the only way to live well, and to live the way we were meant to.

Our most dire problem is that we forget that we are worthy and how much God loves us, and that we can call on God’s help and assistance at any moment. 

This is why the Course goes to such lengths to remind us, over and over, that that all is well within us and with the world.

Our salvation as declared by God in the Course is when we see that there is nothing wrong with us and the world. 

This is why God wants us to get this – to understand and integrate this fully, so we can fulfill our Godly purpose both of being enlightened, and to reverberate in a state of peace.

Our salvation is some magical moment when God interceded in our lives, but long before the timeline of our lives. 

The moment we thought we separated from God, God established that this separation never happened, and brought our salvation into the picture. God wants us to realize our salvation is always a done deal, because God wants it that way. 

We just need to get out of the way, and realize that the perceived separation never happened, so we can trust that we are guaranteed our salvation. Because God wants us all to know there was never a time when we did not have our direct path to communing with God. 

God is not going to give us our salvation if we are “good’ people and not sinners, because we earned our salvation.  God would never punish us, and never not be gentle and helpful enough to us to not guarantee our salvation. 

God would never be mean to us.  God loves us so much, that God doesn’t care at all what happens on earth. 

He wants us to realize that there is nothing holier we can do, than identifying with God as our Father and Creator, and knowing that God is our lineage, so we can trust we are worthy of all great things.

As soon as I integrate the degree of God’s Love for me, I can actually find that I am saved, because I resonate on such a high energetic level, when I realize that I am lovable and sinless. 

Then, my energy changes, and becomes more powerful, also when I know God loves me, so then my energy is of God. When I recognize that this is so, my energy will be elevated for me. 

And the cool thing about our human experience on earth is that energetically all things are combined.  God’s energy is of uniting energy, so when we go into a very high energy of God, then our energy is elevated. 

And since all brothers and sisters are united in energy, even if we are not joined in form, we can still absolutely have the most profound effect on our brothers’ and sisters’ energies. 

We elevate them too, because our elevated energy is contagious, so we bring them with us.  This  is why brothers and sisters are the best thing to have with us, because together, we get to God.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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