Lesson 213: “I am not a body, I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

Lesson 193 says,”Give and give a little more… And as we practice let us think about all the things we saved to settle by ourselves and kept apart from healing.” 

The Course is teaching us how to have a relationship with God.  We are learning how much God loves us and all the amazing things God does for us permanently. 

God declares we are sinless for all time.  This changes everything; if we are sinless, then there is never a need for guilt, and guilt is the number one block to God’s Love. 

So, God guarantees, that if we just get out of the way, and give the ego a permanent move to the sidelines of our consciousness, then we are going to feel great in our lives, because we are open to the flow of God’s Love.

The Course is reminding us that we need to stay on task in remembering God’s Love and God’s Will for us. 

The problem is that we forget we are in the most fortunate position, so we are reminded we need to make the time and effort to remind ourselves. 

The Course reminds us that we need to be willing to give that potent dose of extra effort in the mind watching department, and that we need to do to remove anymore blocks to love we may have within us in life. 

The mind watching process allows us to prevent more blocks to God’s love developing.  But this mind watching process most definitely requires effort on our parts.

The Course says that we need to be willing to continue to get bigger and work on ourselves, when our minds need watching. 

It can feel at times too much to continue to exert the extra effort to mind watch, so the Course is reminding us that even if this seems like a stretch of a process, remember that we most certainly will get better at the process of mind watchings, as long as we are willing to do it.

Just be willing to be masterful at this.  We are masterful when we give it the effort. 

We just need to be willing to look, and then to find those deep recesses in our consciousness that are all about waking up, and draw on them to get strength for the extended mind watching process.

Just remember not to be angry with the world’s insanity.

God gave us the world so we can learn from it. Since the world is just a projection of our thoughts, the world is there specifically to be lessons.

This means we need to forgive the world’s insanity while we are there, to obtain our own inner freedom.  God gave us forgiveness specifically so we do not get upset about judgements, and not be dismayed by the world. 

Forgiveness is the salve we can apply to everything in the world, and find that in the end, after applying forgiveness, all that we thought happened before, in fact actually, disappears. 

Forgiveness is God given, and so it is more powerful than any of the ego’s contraptions to try to change the world, and therefore, forgiveness is so powerful, since it works, and heals the world’s insanity.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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