Lesson 22: “What I see is a form of vengeance.”

This idea states that the world is a picture of our attack thoughts when we have attack thoughts within.

The Course reminds us that we project our anger and attack energy onto the world.

Then essentially, we are the authors of the world because all forms before it manifests into the matter begins with an energy pattern and a thought.

So we need to be crystal clear about what is in our minds all the time.

We need to be willing to own our attack energy and then be ready to make different choices and take the effort to change our thinking, the instant we think the world is real and that the world is upsetting us.

We need to start the first thing and see what is accurate and what is not real, and not get upset about the world.

According to the Course, when we are the accurate authors of our world, then we need to see that we are the ones who are creating the problem in the projection of our thought energy.

Therefore, we need to take full advantage of the reality that we get to choose the world we see all the time, with our powerful thoughts particularly.

We need to be honest about this reality and embrace it while processing the information and making sure we use it to our advantage.

 The world gets manifested all the time by us, which may feel like a huge responsibility, but let us also accept this notable advantage and do something to change our thinking so that the world changes.

We need to accept that the world’s process changing after we change our minds about the world could happen immediately, or the change could take ample time; we need to allow this process to be as God Wills it. Don’t stress about the outcome because it is always God’s decision to enable our lives to occur at the end of the day. And also how all things develop in life.

Even if we change our minds and have currently light energy, we need to give God the reigns and don’t be upset if the picture may be slow to change or not at all. Sometimes, when we make a great effort and successfully change our minds, we might be feeling excited about this movement, and we may think the world automatically will change too, but we need to be patient with this process.

Being patent with the world’s evolving progress can feel extraordinarily taxing because if we get into the changing of our minds with attack thoughts, then more of us will be convinced that the world should change as a result.

But remember, we may never see the world changed, and if this is so, we need to forgive the world for being so slow to change.

But if the world is slow to change, we need to stay consistently working on erasing our attack thoughts because this is such a phenomenally colossal task, so we need to keep doing this all the time. After all, the ego is always providing us with excessive dark energy.

This lesson says, “This becomes an increasingly vicious cycle until he is willing to change how he sees. Otherwise, thoughts of attack and counterattack preoccupy him and people his entire world.”

I love the Course’s reminder here that our attack energy is so profoundly powerful and affects us, and we can appreciate that we don’t want our worlds to “be peopled” with people who are full of dark, attack energy.

Living this way will drive us insane, so this effort looking at our minds first when we want to heal the world is perfect and true.

All love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed acupuncture



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