Lesson 227: “What is forgiveness?”  “This is my holy instant of release.”

I love the lesson’s promise in the words here. The Course is always reminding us that we need to make this instant holy, so that we feel better and behave better in the world. 

The moment we accept that we can decide what our every moment will be, we start to take control of our existence, with God. 

All we need to do is to remember we are responsible for our lives, and step up to this reality, that we are in charge.  We need to be willing to take responsibility for the picture we see, because we decide how it will be in truth.

The miracle is when we are willing to choose God. 

All we have to do is to choose God, over and over, as we face every new moment, so we can have the best time ever. 

All we need to do is to make this one choice, to get to God, and then everything else will fall in line in our lives, because we are energetically high, when we are resonating with and feeling God.

The Course reminds us that when we choose God, this is what makes our entire lives the best ever. 

When we choose God is what the Course calls the holy instant.  Because it is the moment we remember to be true to ourselves, and therefore, our moments become holy.

We don’t have to take any great measures, we simply need to make one choice, and then, we will have all we want and need, because we are with God in function.

The holy instant is not when we are able to act perfectly in our lives, or when we appear to have no faults at all. 

The Course reminds us constantly, that we are sinless for all time, because it is the will of God. Nothing about our human experience in the world could alter this truth. 

We just need to appreciate this, and remember that all is well with us and around us while we live, as long as we remember to choose God, and make our instants holy.

Remember that none of us is ever totally perfect.  We are sinless, regardless of what happens, because God’s devotion to us is simply consistent. 

We just need to realize that we will never be perfect in the world, but God never sees or acknowledges anything about us, except our perfection as we are. 

We may have plenty of holy instants, once we get into the practice of choosing God continually, so then we have done all the work we need to do. 

It does not matter how perfect or imperfect the world appears to be, as long as we are choosing God from moment to moment, then, all our instants are holy. 

Thus, we can celebrate our great work in choosing all of our instants to be holy, and of God.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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