Lesson 262: “What is the Body?”  “Let me perceive no differences today.”

“What is the Body” says, “The Body is the means by which God’s Sons return to sanity.” 

I love how the Course teaches us how to live with the body in harmony, while we inhabit the earth. 

The Course explains that we as the ego selves, immediately associate the body with sin, and death, and suffering and deterioration. 

The body in the world necessary dies, in the short term or the long term, but there is no way to avoid death, as we have evolved to be humans, with ego selves. 

The ego is dark, and necessarily has a very dense energy, when it comes to using our bodies or describing our bodies.  Our egos are the essences of insanity, so they associate the body with evil, and the body is assumed to never be innocent, or worthy enough, to be seen as something light and God worthy.

Our bodies always cause us chagrin, if we are not carefully aware of how we perceive them. The Course reminds us that our bodies can be for the ego’s purpose, and be dark and distressful, or they bodies can be used as a vehicle to get to God. 

We can use every part of our bodies to align ourselves with God, and we can make sure we do appropriate things with our bodies, in order to stay healthy.  We want to have healthy bodies to be available to serve God, and save the world, with our extraordinary bodies.  

The bodies’ senses are perfectly appropriate for us to be able to use them in whatever way we need to use them. 

The Course assures us that our bodies will be able to do whatever it is in our lives that we are supposed to do, while we engage in active life. 

We want to feel great and secure at the notion that God’s Will is perfectly accomplished all the time, so that whatever happens in our lives is God inspired, and we can trust that all is well, because God is in charge. 

The Course is simply giving us permission to have a real love and passion for our bodies, because they are perfect, for whatever is appropriate for us to do.

I love that there is no more anxiety in our lives, when we realize that God has a routine perfectly set aside, all that is perfect in our lives.

This feels amazingly comforting for me, because then that huge underlying layer of pressure and anxiety that I generally have about my making sure that I get to do all in life I will get to do, is erased. 

So it is amazing when I remind myself to breathe out that inner anxiety, and sit in the certainty that all is well as it is.

All love,

Laurie Prezvbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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