Lesson 29: “God is in everything I see.” The idea for today explains why you can see all purpose in everything…Try then today to begin to look upon all things with love, appreciation, and open-mindedness.”

When God is in everything, then there is an all-purpose in living life because we know that God is in all things; and so we will feel happy about them because they are of God.

Just approaching the world from a perspective that God is in all things causes us to live consciously and be mindful of what we are doing because God, the all-mighty and powerful Energy, and Purpose are in all of the world’s messages and signs.

We need to allow the world to be our fantastic place of adventure because it is holy, valuable, and perfect. After all, it is of God. 

I like the words open-mindedness about the world because this is the attitude that God and the Higher Energy and Purpose are asking us to bring with us at every juncture.

We need to allow the world to be exactly how it is. We all have a long history of complaining about the world and getting upset about the world, so we have a hugely long history of resisting the world, and we forget to be open-minded about the world.

When we are open-minded, we are willing to accept the world as it is and not do battle with it, and the Course asks us to do this repeatedly. Thoroughly. When we battle the world, we get stressed about it.

That attack energy about the world we have can be prevented simply by reminding ourselves to keep it in check.

When we remember to be open-minded about the world, we are merely permitting it to be what it is.   

When we are not open-minded about the world, we resist it, so the Course reminds us to stay focused on our inner forgiveness channel.

We need to remember to forgive the world, ourselves, and all we see all the time because it is the way to keep the attack energy from the earth from becoming further established.

Forgiveness is how we can allow ourselves to improve at accepting the world and, therefore, be more open-minded. We need to forgive the world’s dark energy and forgive the insanity we see.

 So we need to bring forgiveness with us at all times, so we can remain true to being open-minded and appreciative of the world.

When we remember that God is in everything we see, we are more likely to get more or even very excited about all we see In the world, since knowing God is in all we see is much more thrilling!! We can sit and marvel at the world and know this is a blessing and gift to God because we remember God’s Truth.

All love, 

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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