Lesson 290: “What is the Holy Spirit?” “My present happiness is all I see.”

This lesson reminds us, “Yet I would not allow my mind to be deceived by the belief the dream I made is real an instant longer.”

The Course reminds us that the world is simply a projection of our thoughts. The world is not even real because it is precisely not from God. 

Since the world is not actual, it has no power to impact us. The world is only a dream because it is not real and of God, and therefore, nothing that happens here distresses us in any way, and it can all disappear in an instant.  

The world is impermanent, and therefore, it is not of God, so with that knowledge, we can remember that the world disappears the instant we stop being upset about it. Being upset about the world is what gives it power, and seemingly more power over us.

Therefore, the Course teaches us to remain sturdy and vigilant that we don’t go into a fit about what happens in the world.

We will end our upset if we are willing to do this ourselves. The key to the situation is always that we do our inner work. 

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that something in the world or our bodies will resolve our upset. Please don’t go there because it never is pleasant in any way. 

The Course reminds us that we need to be the ones to take responsibility for our situation.

The world’s state of affairs is simply a projection of our thinking, the Course says, and therefore, we need to be vigilant in staying above the battleground.

We are the makers of our reality, so we need to own this truth and be willing to choose with God and choose wisely.

Making our miracles for ourselves especially is the way to get out of the nightmare.

The Course says the world is not real; consequently, we can reduce our level of upset. But at the same time, we need to remember that we are always the ones who, when we choose our thinking, choose our reality.

Empowerment for us is absolute for us when we own this truth. So we enjoy a high level of being empowered, but we also have to be the ones who are willing to get out of the nightmare, specifically by not reinforcing the world.


 My present happiness is all I see makes the ideal mantra for our every day living.

I need to remember to stay in the present. The ego runs hog wild with the compulsion of having our happiness be in the past, where we think it was there.

We also have the ego running full force into what we suppose is our future happiness and trying to achieve glee from what we assume will happen in the future, but remember that the time to come never comes.

The Course says the upcoming time never comes, so we need to stay focused on the present because it is the only place where we can be truly delightful.  And the intended time is the only place we can be because it is happening now.

 We also need to make sure that we remember to be happy in the present. And we need to take responsibility and choose to be elated in the present. It is so common to forget to be content in the present because our egos are expressly judgmental.

It is like a full-time job to keep the ego’s judgments at bay. It may feel like we are not powerful enough to make the present moment a happy one because it is hard to do, but the Course reminds us that we have God on our sides.

Therefore, we can focus simultaneously on being in the present and also being happy at the same time while we live our lives in the world.

There is no problem with our success here because God carries the heavy load of ensuring our certainty and lovability. Thus it is easier when we remember God is unconditional with us.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture



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