Lesson 346: “What is a Miracle?” “Today, the peace of God envelopes me, and I forget all things except His Love.”

“What is a Miracle?” reminds us, “The Miracle undoes error but does not go beyond perception, nor exceed the function of forgiveness.  Thus it stays within time’s limits.”

The Course says that God gave us the miracle to change all of our perceptions. 

Miracles are easy and straightforward and come right from God. The miracle is another way of expressing forgiveness.

God gave us forgiveness in the world because the world is always chock full of judgment and misery, and then attack energy abounds there.

In the Course, God gave us miracles to see the world and that insane intensity of review with a level- headed mind in the process.  

We have forgiveness because it is the only way to heal the world. Forgiveness is the only thing the world needs to remember its salvation.

When we forgive, we surrender all of our inner attack energy and intention when the world shows us calls for love, seemingly insane bouts of activity.

God wants us to have something that always works to heal the world, and that is why God gave us forgiveness and another God-inspired way of shifting our consciousness in miracle-mindedness.

I am always grateful for the miracle because the Course reminds us that God never judges us or judges the world; the Course says the marvel undoes error.

There was never a moment where that error became real, but rather is unreal. Therefore, the wonder entirely undoes error whenever we apply forgiveness to ourselves or the world.

All of those mistakes that we have judged and believed are real and permanent fade away. We don’t even recall a hint of them because they become erased in our awareness.

 God designed the miracle to heal the world. God formed Miracles formed in the present, and for all the things that we see are calls for love in the world.

The miracle does not do anything beyond correcting our perceptions, and the Course says that God’s Knowledge is something we all need to feel and experience to understand.

God’s Presence is something we can only share, like love and forgiveness.

Our Knowledge of God is something we don’t encounter at this point all the time, but we will accomplish this at some point in our existence, in this lifetime, or future lifetimes. The Course reminds us that God’s energy is so Supreme that we can only get glimpses into our human lives. 

Thank goodness God gave us miracles and forgiveness to heal the world, and for all the calls for love now when we experience perception.

It says supernatural phenomenon will disappear when we remember collectively that the separation never happened.

It says there will be no longer a need for miracles at that time. Therefore, they disappear.

The Course says miracles are understood to be in time.

When miracles heal the world, we will remember that there are no problems and that our connection with God and our brothers and sisters is infinitely a done deal; we recognize that we have no vexations.

 All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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