Lesson 353: “What am I?”  “My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today have but one purpose; to be given Christ to use to bless the world with miracles.”

The Course says that our bodies are a blessing!!  And this means that we are sure that our bodies are meant for the best possible way of us using them.

The Course goes to great lengths to teach us how to deal with the world and deal with our bodies. We are asked to see the world and our bodies as unreal, and with this awareness that unreal quality allows us to experience all of our bodies and the world with a gentle departure from running right in and judging them. 

We are asked to not be attached to the world or our bodies and then be upset about them, but to rather be light about both of them.

The Course says over and over how the body is not real to try to help us to understand that since the body is not real there is no reason to ever be upset about either.  

The Course just wants us to not be upset about the body, so the Course says it is not real. 

But then when the Course goes on and on about the body not being real, it can sometimes get to the point where it feel frustrating because we want the body to be real some of the time. 

We all have parts of our lives that are extraordinarily happy and meaningful for us, so sometimes it is helpful to realize that the world is also real, in the ways that are filled with love and forgiveness and grace in life. 

We know we experience the world as real because we may be totally in love with one or more parts of our lives, such as certain relationships we have or our jobs or hobbies. 

We are often really happy about some aspects of our lives, so we never want to get to the place where we see the world as unreal all the time, and then some way not be able to relate to these specific areas that make us so fulfilled

Remember it is totally fine to bless the world and our bodies when we can use them expressly for the purpose of bringing love and miracles to the world.  The Course says that our bodies are perfect and helpful and appropriate the moments we remember to bring love and miracles in the world. 

The body can be our most cherished confidante while we traverse the world when we remember the world is not real and so it does not affect us adversely. 

But the body is meant to be our plethora of senses so that we can engage in our lives fully using the extraordinary vessel of our bodies. 

The world is our arena to make all real that we truly love and that we know God loves and we can as soon as we stop resisting our bodies. We are asked to bless our bodies and give them permission to move ahead and carry us through the world’s adventures. 

The Course says our bodies are meant to be vessels of love and miracles expressed.  And also, we want to be eternally grateful for all of our bodies do every day for our well-being.

DO NOT ever let our bodies be our enemies. Yes, they are always producing changes and challenges along the way but no matter what, remember our bodies are meant to help serve God.  

 Our bodies are the best instruments we can use along the way.  Just don’t have resistance to the body. 

Just accept the body whenever there are things that the body does that we judge instantly and consistently. Remember when we judge the body, we end up totally resisting what the body is bringing, and we want to rather be light about all of our bodies’ flaws. 

Judgment is when we forget that our bodies were made to do God’s bidding. This is such a blessing when we step right into our bodies’ attributes with an open heart of love.  We want to allow the body to simply be part of the journey we take and we can use it to get to God.

We want to appreciate all that the body does because inevitably it gets us to God.  We can trust every move in the show to get to God because God has provided us with the perfect vessels to get to God quickly. 

The body is the vehicle that God has given us to make that concrete step to get to God first and finally. So we want to love and appreciate our bodies.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture



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