Lesson 360: “What am I?” “Peace be to me, the holy Son of God.  Peace to my brother, who is one with me. Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.”

I love that the Course explains how the world is saved and healed when we do our part and feel and experience the miracle of God’s love in a gesture of forgiveness.

The Course teaches us regularly that energetically we are one with our brothers and sisters and with God. Since we are energetically combined, it is utterly comfortable to save the world because all I have to do is protect myself and heal myself first.  

The moment I get into the groove of accepting forgiveness for myself and the world, then automatically, my energy is healed, and my being gets elevated because those concepts are of God.

And since they are of God, we can trust that all will be well within us and the world because ours is the same energy as God, and God is perfect.

I am so glad that the Course explains that God is always with us because the separation never happened in the first place, and therefore, I am guaranteed to have God’s energy and purpose as my own.  

And because this is the case, then nothing can go wrong in my life or the world because God is always in control of the picture I see outside of myself.

I can trust that God would never make a mistake in planning how all of our lives turn out. Therefore, I can accept that God would never change his mind about how worthy and sure we are because God says we are eternally sinless and always in the right place at the right time.

 The Course says the moment I accept peace for myself, then when I receive peace into my energetic being, it goes right through me, and therefore, I have an abundance of peace within me.

And immediately, the world also gets healed because my peace can be felt globally since all world beings are energetically connected.

This truth is the best miracle ever that something like the world, which appears to be full of sin and dark energy, can be altered, not just dramatically, but absolutely when I experience peace within myself.

Therefore, I feel peace within. I love the power in this because the world looks like a place where there are lots of victims and terrors, and it may seem impossibly inalterable the world’s intense darkness at all.

Still, the Course says that when we feel God’s love and peace, then the world gets entirely transformed in the form of forgiveness.

So I see this as incredibly empowering because we have all of this power that is easy to access, like accepting God’s peace and knowing this is all I have to heal the world. The Course’s wisdom here is inspiring!!

All love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed acupuncture


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