Lesson 43: “God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.”

This lesson reminds us, “Made by the Son of God for an unholy purpose; it must become the means for the restoration of his holiness to his awareness… Healed perception becomes how the Son of God forgives his brother and thus forgives himself.”

We build things because our energy moves. Humans can’t help but create things. 

So the amazing thing is that God and the Holy Spirit are 100% capable of taking everything we make and shifting them around into something holy. When something is sacred, it means it is God inspired.

I am so grateful that God and the Holy Spirit are the ones capable of changing all we see. The fantastic thing is that God can and will alter all of what we see to transform them into working holy things.

It does not matter how long we are attached to the unholy things in our lives because they can be undone instantly and make It seem as though they were never there in the first place.

God can take all that we have, no matter what it is, and what kind of relationship we have with it.

God will take whatever it is a transmute it into something holy; we can use something instead for our salvation and the world’s salvation.

Think of all of those things we have In our lives, and we can give everything to God and then allow God to alter it into becoming something that we can use to heal the world and learn to heal ourselves.

We need to remember to forgive our brothers all the time. We need to remember how much we hold grievances, but mostly about other people.

I tend to think of the Course as a book expressly about the practice of forgiveness. Forgiveness is our essential function, which we need to do around the clock.

And if we do, we will discover everything in our lives becomes more comfortable and more fun and lighter.

Forgiveness is God’s antidote for the world. When we forgive, then energetically, we are open to all things, and we are available to God. God gave us forgiveness so we can immediately share it with the world.

When we think about forgiveness, our energy becomes lighter and heals because we accept no problem.

Forgiveness is our way of getting out of fear and attacks thoughts, and It is the salve that we can apply to the world to be happy about it.

Forgiveness is our best friend that we need to connect with all the time.  Just feel it and exude it because this is how to change the long-standing drama about the world.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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