Lesson 71: “Only God’s Plan for Salvation will work. “ 

This lesson reminds us, “His is the only plan that is certain of its outcome.”

The Course explains that the ego has a whole host of a plan for some salvation, but we take that route.

It never works because of a million different reasons that prevent their resolution.

The ego always tries to get us to accept its plan for moving forward. The Course reminds us that there are two plans from which we can choose.

The ego and God’s Plan are equaling available to choose, so we get to make the decision, and therefore, we can feel happy about this, that we are the ones who have the remarkable capacity to choose.

And when we decide we can choose God, and we can practice choosing God and light as frequently as possible, hopefully, over time, this will become ingrained within us.

God’s devotion toward us is terrific news and that we are the authors of our lives.

Everything we see and do all comes from the energy that we feel and then gets manifested into the world as a projection from our thoughts.

The Course gives us the clarity that since we are the authors of our lives and can choose all, that means we can choose God or the ego. We need to remember that we get to choose God when we place what will make us most happy, so it is worth doing.

The Course invites us to remember that the only real option is that we choose God’s plan for salvation. Remember that it is indeed the only thing that will work, so we need to remember to do it promptly and consistently.

I love the Course’s explanation about what our salvation is. The Course says our salvation is already a done deal.

Many other religions explain that our salvation is in the afterlife, and only if we go to Heaven in God’s well-wishes.

Many other religions claim that our salvation is something we have to earn specifically from doing good on earth or pleasing some deity while humans.

This view of salvation is depressing because it may seem like there is no way to change this or improve it. 

But the Course says that God sees that our sinful nature is both unreal and untrue, and therefore God never has any thought about us that is not happy, loving, protecting, and gracing with perfect abundance.

God loves us as a perfect Father with infinite capabilities.

This information about God’s Love feels so good that our salvation is inevitable for all eternity because God wills it.

Therefore we get to enjoy the fruits of our salvation all the time because we have and will not ever do anything wrong in God’s eyes. 

We can party as a result.  Because God declares us sinless for all time also means there is no guilt at all within us because if we are innocent, we no longer experience guilt.

When we have no shame, this is the number one block to the flow of God’s Love toward us, so getting rid of the stain as God has, is a miracle after miracle, perfect dream of a life.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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