Laurie’s Positive Points: Selah is an exclamation of praise

Selah is defined as in the Bible, an exclamation frequently occurring at the end of verses in Psalms.

Selah is such a great thing we can do to include in our waking moments. We want to stop after all we do, take a breath, and take it all in.

When we take it all in, then we will find that our gratitude abounds and that we have so much praise and blessings In our lives.

Remember exclaim after and during we do with our utter sense of abundance and favor and that we are confident of our worth, and so all is well. Just remember to exclaim all the time that all is well because it is. Then we feel so great because gratitude and grace exude from us.

Remember to walk around with an inner smile and contentment because all is well.

After all, we do throughout the day, we need to remember to stop and breathe and take a moment to celebrate the moment.

We need to celebrate our gratitude, which carries us throughout life with grace and ease because it is a great feeling.

We need to remember to show up to every moment with a fresh, open mind that is certain of our worth and sure of our material abundance, with a feeling that all is well because all is well.

Our experience is what allows us to stay rooted in the present moment with ease, and this is why we need to make all efforts to experience the openness of the moment and remain faithful to our truth and right to all of those we love.

We can be present when we remember that everything is fine in what we see, so we don’t resist the moment. When we judge what we see, we oppose the moment.  

And the best way to exist and live life is through allowing ourselves to experience all we see.

The only problem ever is if we get too far gone in thining about the moment or think about the past or the future. We need to scale back and give this thinking a rest because the only enlightened way to live is to experience all we see.

Sharing the moment allows us to be open to the moment and let it into our consciousness.

 Remember that we need to allow ourselves to experience the moment we are in, and then we will be in the Present.

When we start to think, remember that we don’t have to stress about this or resist it, but rather, show up and allow the thoughts to occur and pass, with no effort or strain. 

We will enable them to disappear if we don’t need to collect data and evaluate them.

We can allow them to float away and no longer be engaged with them, and release them back to the altar of our state of serenity, where they disappear.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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