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Description of book

Courageous Communication: A Handbook for Emotional Intimacy: unveils our hidden

mind components that work together within emotional dynamics in our relationships.

The book helps us understand more fully what are our own tendencies when

communicating.  Then with this increased awareness of our emotional inclinations we

can more proactively choose what kind of verbal response we have in conversing with

others.  This enables us to be ever more conscious regarding the intention we create in

emotional interchanges.  We discover what kind of emotional specifics we want to put

forth within our unique exchanges with others.

Courageous Communication is a guidebook that gives a framework of a successful

approach to communicating.  It concentrates on the power of intention and how we can

use our intention to change the way we think and behave in each exchange.

A key idea in the book is forgiveness as a means for ascertaining a level of acceptance

and peace.  Courageous Communication describes ways to convey our wants and

needs directly while we also maintain a sense of non-attachment.  This intent produces

a general harmony between verbal assertiveness and taking a quiet approach.  The

book teaches us to act and feel empowered and confident when we converse with

others through establishing our own belief in the solid power of our worth as healthy and

capable individuals.

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