Miracles Lesson 267

Lesson 267: “What is the Body?” “My heart is beating in the heart of God.” This lesson reminds us, “Let me attend Your answer, not my own.” The Course reminds us that we are the ones who get to choose the details of our lives, so we need to...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: We get to decide how to show up to our relationships.

We get to decide how we show up to our relationships.  We all have relationships because, as humans, we need to interact with others regularly to get our needs met, if not to improve our relationships and thereby improve our lives. It is a massive part of life that...

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Miracles Lesson 260

Lesson 260: ‘”What is Sin?” “Let me remember God Created me.” This lesson reminds us,” Now is our Source remembered, and therein we find out a true identity at last, holy indeed are we, because our Source can know no sin.” I am so grateful that the Course goes...

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Miracles Lesson 253

Lesson 253: “What is Sin?” “My Self is the ruler of the Universe.” This lesson reminds us that “it is impossible that anything could come about unbidden by myself.” There is such power in knowing that everything that happens to us is because our intentions and energies are a...

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We begin with the possibility of getting to choose light or dark. Be willing to choose light all the time.

We begin with the possibility of getting to choose light or dark. Be willing to choose light all the time. The world we see appears to be a bunch of problems, but we are asked to see the world differently. The world is a place that appears desperately miserable...

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Miracles Lesson 183

Lesson 183: This lesson’s wisdom is “Repeat His Name and all the tiny, nameless things on earth fall into the right perspective.” The Course invites us to stay focused on bringing God’s Love and Purpose into our own lives and Purposes through repeating God’s Name to ourselves. When we...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Everything is good as it is.

Laurie’s Positive Points: Everything is good as it is. Gratitude is something about which we want to be passionate. We must have gratitude be our anchors when everything else looks like a call for Love. When the world appears insane, remember that we have gratitude in our hearts; we need...

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Miracles Lesson 173

 Miracles Lesson 173: The Introduction here says, “And your wholeness is now complete, as God established it.” We are in no way fragmented. Wholeness is our birthright, and we have it all the time. We forget it. When we feel fragmented, we don’t feel loved; therefore, we fail to...

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Accepting the World for being what it is is the best way of residing in the world

Laurie’s Positive Points Accepting the world for being what it is our best way of residing in the world. The world is full of drama, trauma, and dismay, and our egos get so upset about the world because the ego likes to judge, so the ego shows up to...

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Miracles Lesson 170

Miracles Lesson 170: “There is no cruelty in God, and non in me.” We need to realize that God is wholly and Supremely loving and has zero attack energy within His Presence and Purpose.   The Course argues a great point, explaining that there is no meanness or cruelty in...

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