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Laurie’s Positive Points: Be mindful about food

Laurie’s Positive Points Mindful eating: Revisiting our relationship with food is most helpful if it is repeated when necessary.  Food is not something we can avoid if we have a problem with it.  We have to eat to survive having human bodies, so how do we deal with this...

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ACIM Lesson 94

Lesson 94: “I am as God created me.” This lesson mentions again, this immense truth that cannot be denied, and is our best news ever!  It reminds us, “I am as God created me.  I am HIs Son eternally.  You are as God created you, You are His Son...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Fighting the Good Fight

Laurie’s Positive Points: Fighting the good fight Fighting the good fight is when we are authentic with ourselves.  The only time there is reason to fight is when we are in a situation of fighting for our own internal honesty, and expressing our inner Selves in some way.  I...

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ACIM Lesson 87

Lesson 87: “I will there be Light.”  “There is no will but God’s.” This lesson spreads the good news with this: “I try to attack only when I am afraid, and only when I try to attack can I believe that my eternal safety is threatened.”  The Course says...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: It is either fear or Love.

It is either fear or Love:  It is such a helpful distinction that all of what is not Love, is necessarily fear.  There can seem to be lots of other emotions that we encounter.  And on the surface, all of those ‘other’ emotions may seem to be something other...

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ACIM Lesson 80

Lesson 80: “Let me recognize that all of my problems have been solved.” This lesson reminds us, “Let us be determined to be free of problems that do not exist.  The means is simple honesty.  Do not deceive yourself about what the problem is, and recognize that it has...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Forgiving the Corona Virus

Laurie’s Positive Points: Forgiving the Corona Virus:  What a weird world we are living in!  We all- in past weeks- are suddenly in this bizarre and unknown situation of having to consider- and figure out- the best way to live with this foreign entity- Covid 19- and function in...

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ACIM Lesson 73

Lesson 73: I will there be light.” This lesson reminds us, “The ego’s idle wishes are unshared, and therefore have no power at all.”  The reason that the ego’s wishes seem insanely difficult for us to make any headway in not giving into the ego’s vibe and thought is...

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ACIM Lesson 66

Lesson 66: My happiness and my function are one. I just love how logical the Course is.  It is always offering the Truth as given by God.  God would necessarily be logical, because God is perfect.  Therefore, the Truth is easier to understand I think, because of the degree of...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Reincarnation

Laurie’s Positive Points Reincarnation:  I love that the Course goes out of its way to not even take a stance on whether reincarnation is true.  I think Jesus is brilliant- in the Course about allowing all of us to make our own decisions about whether we want to believe...

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