Forgive our Relationship with money and abundance

Laurie’s Positive Points:

Forgive our relationship with money and abundance.

While living there, there will come some challenges with our relationship with money, so this is something we must actively forgive.

We all have to live, and at this juncture in humanity’s way, we must make money because we need it to live good lives.

It is handy when we can use cash and easily relate to it.

The problem always with money is that we resist not being open to abundance. We must remember that abundance is always possible. We must get less stressed with cash so it will flow into our lives.        

When we resist something, then we can notice that we are not readily open to whatever we are fighting, and this is when our egos’ are loudest. Resistance is when our egos complain and act like whatever is happening is not good or could be better, so we must remember to forgive our relationship with money. When we apply Love as a miracle to the situation, we become less uncomfortable. We will show up to lives daily, being happy when we forgive what we resist.

We may feel stressed or angry and think that we should be financially better off, so when that happens, we will resist the money because it is problematic.

We must watch our minds and not go into complaining about money, and when we do, immediately take a step back and remember to never suffer over money because when we do, then we are filled with attack energy so that we will block the flow to God’s Presence and we will suffer more than otherwise.

All Love, 


Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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