Laurie’s Positive Points: Eat with pleasure! 

Eating our meals three times a day can be a total pleasure and something that we anticipate with a light and a bright option to get to eat.

We have to eat regularly to stay alive because of the needs of our bodies and minds. We get to consume this gift of possibilities and fun because this is what humans do.

So we can enjoy the food we eat at every meal because this is a gift we have of the life that we get to consume and then enjoy what foods we consume.

One thrill of living is that we get to eat precisely what kinds of foods and liquids are good for us and that we desire.

We get to be thrilled with various foods and have fun eating them because some part of this process is pleasureful. So this is the most extraordinary thing we get to do, so let us be grateful for this system we have, through which we can participate.

We need to be grateful for our foods and have a light, a happy heart we get to consume them.

Remember to have a regular and consistent eating pattern. We need to make sure we eat on time or within a time frame that will work best for us.

We need to make sure we do not skip meals. We want to have excellent health, so we need to eat our meals to be healthiest regularly.

Make sure we eat nutritious meals that we cook or prepare that are fun to eat. We want to be healthy, so it is best to have a healthy eating pattern and a consistent sleep schedule because this is the best way to keep us healthy.  

We want to make sure we don’t drink ergogenic drinks to enhance physical performance instead of having a solid eating and sleeping pattern.  

Enjoy the consistent process of eating regularly. We get to spruce up foods, so we want to make sure they are full of joy and wonder for us.

Make sure to do this regularly to make eating foods that are more appealing for us happier and grander.

Al Love, 

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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