Laurie’s Positive Points: Play with your food

Laurie’s Positive Points: “Play with your food.”

In my life, I have had a complicated relationship with food.  Sometimes, we’ve all had a complicated relationship with food. 

We may get along with most of food just fine but then one or two particular foods just send us over the edge. 

Food is tricky because we all have our own unique triggers within the realm of food, so it is hard to feel entirely at peace and fond of food as a whole.  

I think it makes sense for everyone to take a moment in contemplating each’s own individual relationship with food, and discover from simply investigating how food is for us.

Our society and our society’s relationship with food is totally out of whack, because of all the commercials on TV, and ads outside on the billboards, as well as in other media. 

We get a colossal dose of skewed information about food because is so present around us, and also within us, since we take this in and embody it over time. 

It is impossible to feel not swayed by what we see.  What we hear about food is always distorted to some degree.  

When we think about food, we end up trying to maneuver around our dissatisfaction for it.  We can feel conflicted, yet what we want to feel is harmony.  So what do we do?

We can help ourselves right away by looking where we feel resistance in our relationship with food. 

Feeling resistance is the first step.

We deeply want to that place of harmony and joy with food.

It takes a lot of practice, and when we fall off the wagon, we need to brush ourselves off and get back on.

However, we instantly feel it energetically when we are out of synch with the right food.  So keep experimenting :).

Food is something we can’t live without.  In AA, a tool that addicts use during recovery is that they make a commitment to themselves and to another to simply not consume alcohol or whatever drug-of-choice.

Then, over time, the addict can do other emotional and spiritual work to get to a place of healing while they don’t drink.

We use the word “simply”, but it takes a lot of effort.

Sobriety from alcohol is a huge, detectable step in getting emotionally sober in other areas.

There will be a time down the line when the addict is more comfortable with their recovery and then at peace not drinking. 

In the beginning, it makes a huge difference to go without consuming, until there is an emotional shift down the line.

It is great because people can go the rest of their lives without it and be fine, but with food, everyone has to eat to survive. 

You can have a long term, destructive relationship with alcohol, and then stop, and then heal, and feel good about yourself. 

This is good news and it is worth celebrating.

So how do you maneuver through a life of eating consciously?

There is no way to get to that place of  being friend of food until we have really gotten to know and understand our relationship with food, and also take enough steps to get us really into the groove of a new way of approaching food.

The simple exercise of getting more intimate with our own minds and bodies is a sure way to heal.

It is probably the hardest addiction to get over I think because we have continue to eat food, and changing our inappropriate relationship with food takes time and is a process.

I just want to remind us all about how hard it is with food largely for this reason.  

We can give ourselves a lot of love and kindness when we have those moments of lapsing around food.

The best choice to heal our relationship with food is to continue to eat but with a modified diet- (what we consume) and modified amount (how much). 

The great news about this method of getting to a solid, healed place with food is that it is permanent. 

The more time, clarity, and focus we give to remedying our impulse to binge, the more the energy stays with us.  In the process of healing from our dissatisfaction with food, we fortify our healed Self.

We experience our own wholeness, because we have discovered how to resonate with our Godly Selves.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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