Miracles Lesson 21

Miracles Lesson 21: “I am determined to see things differently.”

This lesson says, “It is merely the belief that some forms of attack are more justified than others.”

The Course explains that all attack is not acceptable. Our egos confuse us, and they terrorize our minds.

The egos say that we have no attack within; they pretend that we are okay and don’t need to take a deeper look into our perception and thinking. Our egos make us crazy, preventing us from getting clear as crystal.

The Course explains that all attack is important because it bothers us significantly. We forget to notice that we have different degrees of upset. The Course asks us to look closely at our insane minds and change our thinking about things to feel better.

An attack can be big or small, but it all makes us miserable, so we need to realize when we forget to look at our minds for attack thought and energy. Attack energy of all sorts disturbs our minds and, therefore, blocks the flow to God’s fantastic flow of Love and Presence.

We need to get clarity that we need to find out how much attack energy we have, and once we are clear where it is in our minds and how to fix it, we need to do this promptly.

Even when we know attack energy of all amounts is terribly unpleasant and unhelpful, we still need to practice coming to terms with how much attack energy we feel, take lots of focus, and resolve the attack energy we find within.

Then we need to make a habit of fixing the attack energy, so we don’t get into ego-prescribed situations where our egos harbor within our minds some of the attack energy, regardless of its size and content. 

Attack energy makes us all mad, so we need to get used to releasing it and giving it to God for resolution. The Holy Spirit is our guide to whom we can provide our attack energy, so let’s call on Him for aid so we can get out of whatever amount of attack energy we have. 

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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