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Laurie’s Positive Points: Eat with pleasure!  Eating our meals three times a day can be a total pleasure and something that we anticipate with a light and a bright option to get to eat. We have to eat regularly to stay alive because of the needs of our bodies...

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Miracles Lesson 21

Miracles Lesson 21: “I am determined to see things differently.” This lesson says, “It is merely the belief that some forms of attack are more justified than others.” The Course explains that all attack is not acceptable. Our egos confuse us, and they terrorize our minds. The egos say...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to be aware of our negativity

Laurie’s Positive Points; Remember to be aware of our negativity. Negative and positive are polar opposites qualities. We will all have negativity within our minds sometimes and not at others. Being negative means, we are being critical and judgmental. We make ourselves miserable when we are negative because we...

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Miracles Lesson 14

The Course repeatedly reminds us that the world is meaningless and, therefore, God did not create it. The ego goes full speed ahead, making misery in the world. The Course explains how we have this experience of horror in the world. No kidding!! The world fills up with blemishes,...

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Release bitterness

Release bitterness:   The dictionary defines bitterness as being angry and disappointed at being mistreated; resentment. Remember that we as humans so regularly feel bitterness over what has happened in our lives. We can feel biter when others are in a position of causing us to think that they...

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Miracles Lesson 7

 Miracles Lesson 7: “I see only the past. “ The Course says all I see is the past. How true this is!  The past is a bunch of loaded situations. The Course says that the past includes things we think we know or about which we have some awareness....

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We must permit our egos to be invisible

Laurie’s Positive Points: We must permit our egos to be invisible. Having our egos vacant within is the key to maintaining a well-lived life. We have this shadowy part of ourselves that is also full of scarcity and lack and is very dark, called the ego. We all have egos,...

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Miracles Lesson 365

Miracles Lesson 365: Introduction: Final lessons: “This Holy instant would I give to you. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.”  This introduction states, “For we would not return to the belief in sin that made the world seem ugly...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Forgive the world!

Laurie’s Positive Points: Nothing but illusion is out there. Remember, the world is not accurate. The world is full of death, destruction, and deterioration. It is a nightmare indeed!!   We need to see that it is simply not real, and therefore, there is nothing about which to be...

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Miracles Lesson 358

Miracles Lesson 358: “What am I?” “No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered. And of this, I can be sure: His answer is the only one I want.” The Course says that we can access God through the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is then...

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