Positive Points: Be patient and kind with our loved ones.

“Being patient and kind with our loved ones.” We all have relationships, because to be human means that there are other people we need to interact with; we are social beings by nature.  We can’t help but to have to communicate and interact with people.  Most of us would...

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ACIM Lesson 256

Lesson 256: “What is sin?”  “God is the only goal I have today.” This lesson reminds us, “The way to God is forgiveness here.  There is no other way.”  Forgiveness is the God given instructions and plans that God gave us to actually make the world one full of...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Food is our friend!

Food is our Friend! One of the biggest challenges of making our own relationship with food one that is harmonious is that we are often quite resistant to loving our regular food or accepting it fondly.  First of all, we all generally find ourselves- at some point of our...

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ACIM Lesson 249

Lesson 249: “What is the World?”  “Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.” This lesson says, “Forgiveness paints a world where suffering and loss is over, loss becomes impossible, and anger makes no sense.”  The way for us to really get out of our rut of constant attack energy is...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Go with the flow.

Go with the flow with a light heart.   We have resistance to everything, because feeling it is the only way the ego knows it is alive.  Truly, resistance makes the ego feel like it is alive.  It is always about every little detail of the story.  The resistance...

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ACIM Lesson 242

Lesson 242: “What is the World?”  “This day is God’s.  It is my gift to Him.” This lesson says, “We come with wholly open minds.”   There is only one thing that God is asking us to do.  God wants us to come to Him- unburdened by a cluttered...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Be the Star of our own show…

Laurie’s Positive Points: “Be the star of our own show.”  It turns out that we are responsible for the world we see.  We actually project out into the world our thinking, and it manifests physically before us.  That means every last detail of our attitudes and our thinking…  This...

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Laurie’s Positive Points

Laurie’s Positive Points: Be open to exploring some other magical part of our lives that has yet been undiscovered. The ego likes to keep things the same and keep us in the clench of the staid status quo. Just look, and look openly at whatever it is we have...

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ACIM Lesson 228

Lesson 228: “What is forgiveness?”  “God has condemned me not.  No more do I.” “This lesson says, “Or shall I take His Word for what I am, since He is my Creator, and the One Who knows the true condition of His Son?” God is saying that we are...

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