Laurie’s Positive Points: Approach all relationships as sacred

Laurie’s Positive Points”: Remember to approach all relationships as sacred.

Remember that all people deserve equal respect and consideration. We should treat everyone equally so we do not foster special relationships.

When we make a special relationship out of one of our relationships, we end up allowing it to become askew. Be sure to remember everyone gets the same treatment.

Do not make someone with whom we relate as more important or special than someone else because when we do this, we end up not having healthy relations with anyone, so make sure we are cognizant and choose to treat everyone equally so everyone receives the same Love and compassion. 

Remember to love everyone. Do not decide that some people are too complex to love because we see their faults, so show up and forgive our brothers and sisters when they make mistakes and give our relationship to the Holy Spirit to transform the relationship so we do not suffer about this connection.

The most important thing is to not suffer about this and watch our minds to be aware and catch when we forget to remind ourselves when we fail to forgive. When we forget to forgive, we end up not in the position we want to be, so remember to consistently forgive the people with whom we have special relationships or forgive people our egos complain about and say are unloveable.

Everyone receives equal Love, so we should not decide they are not worthy of Love. The Course says God loves everyone, so we must show up and do the same. Allow all to know they are not lovable

When we treat everyone as lovable, it is more likely that they will act lovable. When people behave as lovable, they become certain and, therefore, confidant and are more likely to behave in remarkable ways where they connect with being miracle-minded.

Being miracle-minded means, they are more likely to induce miracles as they go through their lives because individuals will know they can bring Love and heal things.  

 All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture 


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