Laurie’s Positive Points: Living in harmony with exercise

Laurie’s Positive Points 

Living in harmony with exercise

We are given the gift of moving and taking care of our bodies in order to stay optimally healthy. 

This aptitude to get our blood pulsing is one of the wonderful treasures of being human. 

Exercise is one of our ways to get ourselves to go crazy and relish our healthiest physical potential. 

And often, for most people, it also feels great emotionally and spiritually as well. 

Workouts actually provide us fuel to feed that inner fire that we all want to cultivate and maintain vibrantly. 

Exercise can help us move our blocks when we are stuck.

Exercise is in our tool bags as a miracle of shifting us within our consciousness.

Just getting a bit physical gets us motivated to accomplish in other parts of our lives as well. 

Exercise can be a unique treat for each one of us. 

We all find out how we feel about exercise as we live and grow. 

We develop a relationship to it, like all things.  

Since we have an ongoing relationship with it, it makes sense to visit it from time to time, and see where there are places where we may feel resistance to doing it. 

We can investigate where we are grumbling under our breaths about having to do it.

We are most functional and happy when we are aligned within our intention and our behavior, and so it makes special sense to pay attention to this, to get ourselves to a place of surrendering that piece of grumbling about it.

  We can instead, on one hand, realize that it is work for sure. 

We don’t want to go the other way, and deny when we feel resistance.  But simply appreciate it for what it is.  

We can always get ourselves to that place of being neutral about it so that our resistance is kept at bay. 

Our resistance is always correlated with that feeling of not feeling happy and light.  There is always the opportunity to heal the rift we feel within ourselves around the exercise. 

We can gently invite it into our days, with our feelings of grandeur- which is Godly, and therefore, where we know we are totally worthy of making the effort to do it.

We are invited to love the process of being physical.  Sometimes we may have a strong reactions and resistance to getting ourselves to doing what ‘we are supposed to do’. 

We can propose ways to make it extra fun. 

Make a date to visit your best friend or do something to celebrate accomplishing this when you do it. 

We want to get in the habit of really enjoying ourselves. 

Thus, any way to accentuate this in our own personal process is ever so important.

There are so many ways to celebrate we don’t need to immediately come home to celebrate by going to McDonald’s for that Bic Mac we love. 

Try to find ways that we are excited to enjoy- that will continue to support the process of making the healthiest choices possible. 

And an occasional trip to get that Big Mac is fine when we simply permit this treat to be sporadic.

When we forget to love our exercise, remember to come back to kindness for ourselves. 

Forgiveness in the only way to stay true to what we deeply want, which is to feel totally liberated and alive and eager to embrace the extraordinary process of living. 

Forgiveness is that one thing we can turn to immediately when we are stuck and can’t seem to move to get out of our own ways. 

We forgive ourselves first and foremost, but in the same breath, get right back to that clear choice to exercise with gusto.


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