Laurie’s Positive Points: Forgive that things uniformly take longer than I think they will!

Laurie’s Positive Points: Forgive that things uniformly take longer than I think they will.

 I have a nifty life. I immensely, much enjoy living because I have many, many things I want. I consider myself fortunate because of all the abundance and grace within and without.

I am pretty conscious of all of my blessings, which makes for a fun life.

My number one complaint is that all I do seems to take longer than I might think it will, so I always feel rushed and bummed that things take me more time to accomplish, which bums me out.

I consistently work on watching my mind when I do stuff like this specifically for this purpose. I take the time and effort to remind myself how great my life is, so I take more time and focus on being in the present and breathing and moving consciously, soI get more rooted in the present.

I do not miss being in the now because I complain at some level that I do not do things more quickly. I am grateful that I pay attention, so I am more comfortable and easy with the rate at which I do something.

Shifting my mind helps me dramatically because I pay attention and take steps to clear my mind of my resistance to the moment because I want to accomplish things faster. I am always working on this because it is my number one complaint.

Engaging in life means I enjoy it more because I find new ways to be aware. I actively participate because I always learn new ways to be happier and apply them regularly.

I use them regularly and enjoy my life more when I am open to participating, so I am pleased that I make an effort to show up and do my best.

So reminding myself to be aware and conscious in the moment means having more fun because I do things regularly to show up and participate in my life, remembering that I want to take more time to be aware. I do not resist the moment when I find distressed, and I do not do things faster. 

 I get better over time from all the times I remind myself to show up, be open to whatever I am doing, and not criticize some aspects, such as trying to go faster and being bummed I go slow.

Bless the moment whatever we see because it is the way to gain skills and enjoy what I see instead of feeling frustrated about it.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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