Laurie’s Positive Points: Tips to manage your physical energy and stay engaged in optimally functioning

Laurie’s Positive Points

 Tips to manage your physical energy better and stay engaged and optimally functioning

 We all have a storehouse of energy we were given constitutionally, which means we get a particular kind of energy and constitution physically and emotionally so we can do various things to improve our capacity to manage and able to do things to enhance this capacity with our minds and bodies and intentions and behavior.

So do not be bummed if we start with a lower capacity of energy and emotional capacity to function optimally.

If we feel discouraged if we do have a lower capacity to perform optimally, then do not harbor those feelings within because if we do, we end up with a blocked flow of God and the Universe’s capacity to connect with us, so this will then further diminish the capacity for us to get fed by God and the Universal flow.

So feel our feelings, let them go by giving them to the Holy Spirit’s altar, and transform them there.

Another way to improve your energy is to make sure your intention is clear, and you have enthusiasm instead of dread or upset. Watch your mind and approach life with joy and gratitude so we come in wholeheartedly.

Then monitoring our emotions will also help our energy because we do not suffer or judge the world, so one of the results of doing this is helping improve our energy. 

 One sure way to help advance your energy is to exercise regularly. Cardio workouts keep our bodies more optimal because we improve respiration and strengthen physically, enhancing our energy when periodically exercising.

Take the time and effort to find some exercise that you look forward to because any time we are required to exert effort, especially with something like exercise, the likelihood that we will do it regularly. 

If we pin down exercise, that brings us joy. Our joy in exercising may change throughout our existence, so take the time to develop an optimal exercise plan. We want to do so we will have an easier time exerting the effort to do it regularly.

One way to improve our energy is to take deep breaths regularly, so include this in a list of methods to enhance power. 

All Love,


 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncturex


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