Laurie’s Positive Points: Be patient with our loved ones

Be patient with our loved ones:

They are doing their best job.  Just realize that having relationships is great because it allows us to see ourselves. 

They just remind us that we are quick to judge ourselves too. 

Give ourselves license to step back and get down from the ego’s high horse. 

There is always a sense of lack of humility in the ego’s perspective, and this is what dampens our spirits, because we are not open within ourselves, and not open with others. 

That lack of humility is that feeling that we are right and everyone else is wrong. 

Just see this for what it is when it happens.  

Our humility actually opens the door within our hearts.  The humility is a gentle sense of connection. 

When we are in relationships, understandably we want to connect authentically or whatever way works best for us, so appreciate how appropriate it is for us to be in an energetically  open place with our loved ones.  

When we are patient with others, then we have dramatically more fun, so this is worth the effort of doing. 

When we feel appropriately connected with others, then, our own block to love’s presence is gone- or at least minimal, so then we get to experience all the great parts of our relationships.

Being patient with others is our gift to ourselves, because we are aligned with Love and forgiveness, and so it goes right through us. 

This is the only way out of hell, when we have forgotten to be easy about things. 

Just remember, we can say to ourselves: “I don’t mind anything.”  

Just give our  loved ones space within our relationship to screw up. 

They are definitely doing their best or they would be doing something else.

Just remember to be easy with them, because they suffer themselves if they make mistakes.  

Try to be as easy as we can be about it, so we don’t add one more layer of attack energy of our own judgement, to their own trouble over their mistakes. –

All of us are on the planet as humans to learn and grow about ourselves and life.  We are here to evolve into the best people we can be.

Because we are here to learn and grow, inevitably we will hit some marks of making mistakes, because this happens all the time, but especially when people are gaining new skills.  No one is perfect, except God.

Just sit in our inner certainty, and let things happen with the smallest scale of investment. 

We get to be there and be present, but also with a slight investment in it. 

That tiny connection to what we see allows us to skate over the battleground at hand, because we carry the knowledge that everything is the way it is supposed to be, and that when things happen that seem troubling, we can trust that everything turns to love in the end. 

When we remember that everything is about love or a call for love, then, we suspend our judgement, we can spend our time lightly connected with what we see. 

Then (ideally), nothing affects us negatively because we are above that threshold where we get drawn into the domain of suffering.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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