ACIM Lesson 151

Lesson 151: “All things are echoes for the Voice of God.”

This lesson reminds us, “No one can judge on partial evidence.” 

We are asked to stop ourselves immediately in those moments when we are convinced that we know anything. 

The ego basks in its own arrogance.  The ego thinks that we are always right.  The ego is frozen in that state of ignorance about how things are. 

The ego always gets us into positions that feel like we can’t move, we feel entirely stuck and unable to do anything but just stay there. 

One of the things the ego does, and is masterful at- making us feel imprisoned in a jail cell, with no rights to get out. 

The ego makes us think that we are not capable of moving anywhere.  And we believe our egos and often refuse to investigate any other options. 

The ego’s only real skill in the realm of being convincing- is that the ego makes us feel entirely numb about being frozen in the prison, in which we find ourselves.

The ego has particular talents in making us feel entirely numb. 

This is its ONLY defense.  Only, we may not even notice that we are frozen in this prison if we are numb to everything within ourselves. 

The ego knows this, and so this is why the ego remains exceptionally skilled in making us forget, what is going on emotionally and internally. 

This is precisely why the Course gives us plenty of tools for getting to the bottom of the truth of our feelings.  

When we truly feel what we feel, then, we get in touch with what we have been denying, and then, we have that moment of doubt about the low level of the quality of how we feel, and we get in touch with all of the stuck parts of ourselves. 

This is the way out of hell. 

Just having a growing awareness of how we feel, then leads us to the logical conclusion, that we don’t like how we feel when the ego rules our minds. 

So then, we can take appropriate action- the next step is to try another way.

Just keep in mind that the ego is always using our numbness against us, so take a look at this immediately, and try to simply stay in touch with this for what it is.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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