Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to be enthusiastic about our loved ones

Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to be enthusiastic about your loved ones.  

Remember to notice when we forget to be enthusiastic and engaged with one of our loved ones.

When we have disputes with our loved ones, and all of us do because we are a unit, we need to figure out how to make our squabbles disappear and have disputes that have no impact on ourselves.

What always happens when we have conversations regarding misconnections? Those difficult discussions impacted was shadowing our relationship with that other person.

When it comes to that, our relationships with our closest loving people get affected. The energies of our relationships get shadowed and darkened when we have a conversation with them that is full of darkness, so we need to make sure we apply light and lightness to our relationship. 

When we add lightness, then the relationship is healed. Adding light to our previously darkened relationship now becomes a new light color, so not at all dark anymore.

Lite allows us to remember we need to forgive them and make sure we do not hold grudges or grievances about the conversation but give it to God.

When we have dark attack energy like grievances, we need to step right up in our lives and heal it all by giving it all to God. When we do, God is happy to shift the dark attack energy in the grievance, and God provides us with the miracle of releasing our resentments.

So after we give all of our dark energy to God, it disappears, and after we give them to God, we need to make sure our relationship with the other with whom we were discussing is fine and healthy. When we have incredibly close relationships, we need to make sure we see them again like we did before we had any upset in our conversation with them.

We need to make sure we return to the habit we had previously had with them before all the darkness in our relationship and before our relationship got overshadowed by dark attack energy. We need to be sure that our enthusiasm for them is now again later is as it was before we ever had upset.  

So once we have released that dark energy about it to God, all is well in the relationship again. So we need to be sure we are delighted and go out of our ways again to stay in great favor in the way we think about them and how we experience them.

We need to be sure our enthusiasm for them is like it was before the upset, so we need to get happy about our relationship with them and grin from ear to ear because we see them. Be sure we feel connected with our enthusiasm for our loved ones. This loving action will feel good when we make sure we do this adequately and immediately.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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