Miracles Lesson 84

Lesson 84: Review: “Love created me like Itself.” “Love holds no grievances.”

The Course says God is our Father and Benefactor. He not only cares about us and loves us, but He is also most especially for our favor.

He will provide us with abundance in the world as long as we remember how lovable we are and know that this is true. Knowing that God loves us with no end and in great abundance feels excellent!

Simply accepting this Love and favor from God is all we need to claim this prize. Just owning this and knowing this is true helps us remember it is accurate, and therefore, we can have all of the practical benefits of this knowledge.

God will provide us with an insanely large batch of tricks because He wants us to be most happy. Therefore, all we need to do is own this, receive it, and enjoy it. 

 The Course says we are sinless and that God says we are sinless and innocent. We need to understand this and receive it.

Getting to be sinless is the best thing that can ever happen because we don’t have to have any guilt.

We can be guilt-free since there is no reason for shame. Our innocence is our salvation. God wants us to realize that we are innocent, and the Course explains this at length.

It is such happy news that our salvation is a done deal. Knowing that we will get to Heaven as soon as we realize we are sinless feels so good.

The Course explains that our innocence which is how God made us in the first place, is constantly providing us with a guilt-free life because we are innocent, so we are clear, and that is our salvation. It Is a done deal: it makes us so happy.  

The Course explains that since we already are innocent and our salvation is a done deal, we can get to Heaven now. There does not need to be any delay in this process.

The Course says that we get to enjoy being in Heaven and saved right now as soon as we are willing to realize that God already did this for us. Heaven is not something we will wait for and go after we die.

The Course explains that when we die right now, our physical bodies will get reborn, and we will live as some other body. But our spirits will go to God’s Heaven, and we will enjoy our souls joining more fully with God and getting united with God more thoroughly than before.

So the Course says that our deaths are not confirmed, so we do not have to worry about dying because whatever happens to the body is of little consequence. After all, our spirits continue in Heaven with God after our bodies die. Death is not absolute and doesn’t happen, so this is super news for us.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture


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