Laurie’s Positive Points: Love and enjoy our bodies

Laurie’s Positive Points: Enjoy our bodies: 

Our egos make many complaints about our bodies, and it can be so difficult not to hear the inner chatter we have of the ego and not believe it.

Our egos complain about everything because they see and experience grievances. Our egos make our bodies our enemies because they are always treating our bodies not well and always making more disturbance emotionally about all the body does.

We need to realize this is false and an error. Our bodies do what they can to serve us while we live.

We must recognize that our bodies are always part of what allows our minds to have a vehicle such as the body to live on earth as humans. We need to deeply realize that our bodies will be our friends when we are willing to see them that way.

The problem is that listening to the ego defines how good our bodies are will always lead us astray.  

We need to appreciate our bodies for all the fantastic things they do and know that they are a true blessing to us. We need to allow this realization to be actual.

Go into gratitude when we hear our egos proclaim attack energy and complain about the body. 

Forgiveness is the balm that allows us to get to a place we are not suffering over the body anymore, so it is worth doing. And forgive our bodies when we decide they have done something wrong.

Forgiveness allows us to get out of our suffering about the body. Whatever the ego tells us about the body is untrue.

We need to give the body kudos for being such great vehicles for us. Then we need to forgive when our bodies into problem mode and have done something wrong either emotionally or physically.

Forgiveness applied abundantly enables us to get into a state where we are at ease because there is nothing about which to complain.  

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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