Laurie’s Positive Points: Take full charge and be responsible

Laurie’s Positive Points: Take full charge and be responsible

Physical and emotional grace we can use all the time because when we do, we are much happier and more functional.

Show up and engage with life being soft emotionally and physically because this is how to be most comfortable and approach life easily and joyfully.

Show up and remember that no matter what happens, we participate in life because God gives us life, so we need to remember to enjoy the ride because this is the best way to live, and we want to be happy.

We must take responsibility for everything and be open and willing to do our best.  

 If someone we love moves or dies, we miss them, and we may feel chagrin because we love them a lot and forget that we can not interact with them anymore. Lots of loss may feel inevitable, which sucks when we go into misery and dismay.

We gain nothing when we do this, so the best thing to do is to keep showing up to life but with an attitude of grace and ease and remember to enjoy life; all the while, we have the privilege of existing, but something may happen that feels distressing like loss of a person in some way.

So the best thing for us to do is to feel our feelings when they happen, even if it is loss and dismay, because we have to live with not having this person around who made us so happy in our relationship.

So we must let this be. Feel our feelings of dismay. Do not let them go unresolved.

Feel the emotions and then immediately give them to God’s alter for resolution and appreciate that they are no longer within, so we do not have to deal with them anymore. So this is the best way to do with severe loss and let it go.  

Then the next step is to start being joyful again. Do not linger in the position of being in dismay because when we are, we are not enjoying life.

So show up immediately to feel our feelings and let them go, then go right to joy, peace, and ease about the situation.

We need to decide not to linger a second in dismay, jump right into resolving it and then change our minds about the problem so we can both have fun and be joyful.

Quick resolution is the best prescription for our lives to be happy and fulfilled with an easy mind and soul. 

We are responsible for taking charge of our lives and stepping toward peace, so we get there quickly. Do not forget to do so. 


 All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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