Lesson 77

Lesson 77: “ I am entitled to miracles.”  

This lesson brilliantly explains, “I will not trade grievances for miracles. I what belongs to me. God has established that miracles as my right.”

The Course says that miracles are our right and privilege. We forget that God wills for us to be entirely happy and ultra-functional in our lives.  

The Course explains that we can always bring miracles in the world when we see a call for love.

 We need to get love to call for love in the world and the Course explains that miracles are the form of God’s love we can bring to the world to heal all problems and lack of love.

Miracles we can use at each juncture of our experience. Miracles are the way we can heal the world. God gave them to us for the gift of love to apply to the world.


The Course says that we have lots of grievance in the form of attack energy, and the Course teaches us to forgive this attack energy and heal them by applying a miracle. Attack energy disappears when we allow gifts to be used to remedy the situation.

The Course explains how much God loves us!! We need to change our perspective of God because many of us think of God as someone who will punish us and make us burn in purgatory forever instead of inviting us to enter the pearly gates of going to Heaven.

Lots of us have a stilted view of God because most Christian religions in western cultures have been influenced to believe in a punishing God, and this is always hard to erase this way of thinking. But the Course explains how much God loves us and never has a moment of wanting to do anything like punish us.

God wants to join us and be united because we can feel God and share God’s Energy and Presence. The Course says we need to revise our outdated view of God, so I am grateful that the Course makes this clear at last.

Grievances are something we need to be careful we do not perpetuate attack energy and Purpose. We remember this is true, so we will not get into this way of thinking.

Grievances are hard to notice because the ego is so good at hiding them in a cloud of dark shadows. We need to step up and pay attention so that we do not get into relationships with our grievances and pretend they are not there. We need to acknowledge them and surrender them to God’s altar. The offering is the best way to handle this.

 All Love,

Laurie Prezindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture



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