Laurie’s Positive Points: Self-respect

 Laurie’s Positive Points: Self Respect- Remember that we need to show up with a happy grin about our self-respect when we have a roaring self-respect. 


Having great self-respect happens when we do what we need in our lives to maintain ourselves. We need to have great self-respect while we are humans because this is how to keep every aspect of our lives moving forward.

Self-respect is when we are open to doing all things required to live as humans right now. Sometimes, when we are willing to take action steps and move forward in every aspect of living, we can go into our spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual lives abundantly and easily.

We need to work on all aspects of our lives, so it is super when you have enough self-respect that you have the willingness to move forward.

Let our self-respect be that thing that carries us and allows us to sit with confidence and certainty. Self-respect means we can waltz through life with a great attitude.

When we know God loves us and that we are innocent, we can sit abundantly in our self-respect and assurance because we are aware we are clear and that all is well. And attitude is fun because it feels much better than scarcity and lack of confidence.

Our attitude is fun to play with when we see it because we can meet all of life from a place of gratitude for having an attitude, so it feels so great when we do.

Remember to be comfortable in our bodies. We generally find a massive amount of problems with our bodies. They usually have recurring challenges that come and go and come.

The body has many issues, but we need to remember that our bodies have no problems when we are willing to see them that way. Be sure to repeat to yourself lots of things like words and sayings that support the body and not ideas of discord.

We need to speak from our mouths that our bodies are full of abundance and promise. They are always full of all they need, so they never get to a place of lack. Remember,  we pack our bodies with all they could ever want or need. We need to remember this. And know it as well as speak this truth from our mouths. So our bodies have support in all ways telling abundance plus us in the form of a lot, so we will encounter this with a simple willingness to go there into surplus.

We often forget that our bodies are full of comfort, so this is a great thing that we can remind ourselves of regularly. We forget, so go back to singing the praises of our bodies and enjoy them because we can. Blessings to our bodies for being blessings.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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