Miracles Lesson 349

Miracles Lesson 349: “What is a miracle?” “Our Father knows our needs.” He gives us grace to meet them all. And so we trust Him to send us miracles to bless the world and heal our minds as we return to Him.” 

God provides His grace of mind and heart to manage the world’s faux pas. Grace is just non-judgment, so when we see the world through non-judgment, we forgive the world.

We no longer suffer about the world because we know it will be a lovefest when we approach it with love doctored up as a miracle when we see our challenges there. God’s grace allows us to take in the world with ease, and we do not suffer over it, so it Is worth doing. 

God is competent to give us grace so we can actively show up with no effort. We need to show up and act easily, and favor will be abundant because we act like God is our best provider and Father.

All we need to do is remind ourselves of this truth. When we conduct the part so energetically, we are at a high vibration, so the likelihood that God will support and provide abundant favor is the truth.

 All we must do is to allow this to be true. Fortunately, this is our only job, and it is something we can succeed at, so our task is to who’s up and remember the awareness of having God’s abundance. 

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski,

Licensed Acupuncture


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