Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember that every food is our favorite food

Remember that every food is our favorite food.

Lots of times, depending on our feelings and habits, we may desire to eat healthy foods.  

When we try to make sure we eat foods that we consider “healthy,” then often there is a ton of reaction and resistance to the idea and action. 

We may even squirm- internally and externally- if we are supposed to eat ‘Brussel sprouts’ and ‘kale.’

 Sometimes, even looking at just the appearance of health food, can make us want to gag.  We may be totally not used to eating these things, and we may try so hard to avoid eating what we consider “healthy foods.” 

There are lots of ways we can prepare the food differently so they seem more appealing to us. 

This can be a great time- in the exploration of other options for preparation of the foods we may consider “weird and different.”  

We change how they are prepared, and this goes a long way to making it more fun.

One thing we can do to try to spruce up those healthier foods is to add some salt, or olive oil, or ginger or garlic. 

We can also add something to whatever we cook, like, spices or some herbs that make it more fun.   Search for ways to make it more appealing.  

Do all we can in the preparation of it that makes it better. 

The likelihood that we can make it more fun is almost for sure, if we are willing to make the time and effort into checking out the layers of modification that will make it more palatable.

Then once the food or vegetable that we consider “healthy” is spruced up in the process of preparing it, then the health food or vegetable is likely in a tip-top shape for our consumption.  

Make sure that we do both the modification of preparation in eating health food, as then we also make sure we get the right attitude in our own minds about it. 

I am not saying that we should force ourselves to enjoy whatever the health food is. 

We should not push ourselves this way.  Just sit in meditation over it and not be pushy. 

And we make sure that we connect with our gratitude about the food we are eating.  

I really enjoy the ritual of eating my regular healthy foods. 

Like: I give that healthy vegetable permission to enter my body, and serve my overall well being. 

And I think simply when we regularly eat healthy foods, then over time, we develop a taste for them.  

Just appreciate that this will happen. 

So try to understand that even if your health foods may not give us the biggest thrill in this moment, know that the longer we eat the well-cooked food, well-prepared food, the likelihood is great that it will become more fun in the future. 

We are always establishing a greater groove of eating them.

I really enjoy my healthy vegetables and foods, and I miss them when I don’t have them.

One of the best ways I have found to stay thin is that I focus on and make sure I eat mostly vegetables. 

I probably I never ate cooked vegetables when I was younger and I had problems with overeating and being overweight. 

I make sure now- that I make sure to eat mostly cooked vegetables throughout the day. 

They are more lower calorie, and easier for my body to process because they are cooked.  

When I lived in Japan and lost 30 pounds, down to the weight I am today, we ate so many vegetables.  I was truly amazed. 

I felt so much better eating this way both emotionally and physically, so it was worth carrying that habit with me, when I came back to live again in the  States.

Before I went live in Japan in college for a year, I also used to eat primarily salads whenever I ate vegetables. 

It seems more like an American thing to me to eat lots of salad. 

I was amazed that eating cooked vegetables definitely felt better for me.  So I brought this with me now.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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