ACIM Lesson 172

Lesson 172: Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”  “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”  “I am among the ministers of God.”

The Course reminds us that God’s vision for us is to live without attack, in perfect peace, and with that inner calm, because we radiate God’s certainty that we are totally lovable.

The question for each of us is- are we willing to accept this for ourselves?  

We need to first understand the quality and the supremeness of the Love and favor that God provides for us. 

Then, once we have gotten a handle on the intellectual idea of the extraordinary nature of the Love God offers us, then we need to simply accept that this is available for us now and always, if we are willing to choose it. 

This level of accepting God’s Love provides the cornerstone of our certainty. 

When we accept that God declares we are lovable permanently, then our energy changes drastically and instantly, because we will radiate an elevated consciousness and Energy, since this is the nature of God’s Love, if we have grown to understand it completely. 

Then, we can feel so certain and secure in ourselves, because there is nothing for us to do but just sit- and be comfortable- and happy about everything, because we feel and experience our lovability. 

Then our lives produce templates of miracles, over and over, because we feel so good all the time, when we identify with and feel our lovability.  

This identification with our lovability is what allows us to soar in the world while we encounter our regular lives.

Then, we do not emit any attack feelings, because we have none within us, when we are open to God’s Love- and nothing else. 

Then, the world will not reflect more attack energy toward us, because we are not feeling it within.

This is why we need to start first with ourselves, and promptly release any amount of attack thoughts and feelings -whenever we want to ensure we are safe in the world.  

Always looking within, as quickly as we can remember, is the way to make sure we get the best case scenario of situations in the world. 

We start with our own minds first, and then remove any thing that lis not wholly God’s Love and forgiveness. 

Give all the other non-love emotions right back to God or processing out of our systems, and then, the result is that the world will have the fewest possible attack energies and situations as possibly can be.

Remember that there is always a potential for some attack in the world’s scenarios to come about. 

But this is still because we have our own unresolved attack energy within ourselves. 

So when the world brings attack energy our way, still go back to any attack we may be harboring within us, and look more deeply at our own picture.  

The Course reminds us that the world is just a projection of our own thinking, and therefore,  even when this reality may at times be difficult to fathom, the truth is that it is entirely true. 

Forgive the world, and forgive ourselves for creating the world, and then just be willing to sign up for a new reality, where we get to enjoy the adventures given by God in Heaven. 

Just remember to give ourselves permission to stop resisting God’s Purpose of Love and forgiveness. 

Then we will feel so great, being in the same vibration of God, that this is the likeliest way we can make the world safe in every way.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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