Lesson 181 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lesson 181: “I trust my brothers, who are one with me.”

When we see errors in our brothers and sisters, this then magnifies the feeling we have that the person has something wrong with them.  We often are quick to judge what we see outside of ourselves.  When we notice these areas of difficulty about our bothers and sisters we become fixated on what seems to us to be a problem.  Then we lose sight of the person, the whole person or certainly the Godly part of that person.  This is an enormous tragedy.  Then we end our willingness to join with that person in brotherly love

The Course teaches us to forgive always our brothers and sisters.  When we judge them or condemn them this is just another way of committing our own inner suicide.  What happens without and around us is actually happening within us.  Of course the cool thing is that physics now confirms the same truth that the Course teaches even though they are all independent of each other.  The Course teaches us that the world is a reflection of our minds.  This is very helpful because this is a sure way we see ourselves.

Jesus says in the Course that there is nothing else out there except for me in my spiritual essence.  Further, God is automatically part of the me picture because God is the only thing that truly exists (the me is one with God).  What we are asked to do is accept this newer idea about what the world actually is.  When we accept this then we can function fully and clearly in the energy of accepting the one existence of our brothers and us.  We can see that they don’t have to physically join us.  It is in energy that we are one with our brothers and sisters.

We can trust that our brothers and sisters are sharing the same identity with us as the heirs and benefactors of God.  This is why we can hold our faith always because we can trust that everyone out there is nothing more than the exact replication of ourselves as individuals.  This is why we can trust others always even if they do something we deem unpleasant.  They still are the accurate perception of our essential nature- that of God’s.  This is why we can look outside of ourselves and be grateful because we see a truth.  When we assimilate this truth then in that process we learn a way to come to a greater self- awareness or we find ways to integrate God’s truth more deeply.

This lesson says, “It is not this I would look upon.  I trust my brothers, who are one with me.”  The amazing thing is that our trusting our brothers is born from seeing them as a reflection of us and therefore, one in energy in truth.  When we are holding them at arm’s length in a form of separation because of our judgement and denigration of them then we are forgetting the trust we feel that helps sustain our loving connection with them.  Trust is actually born from our minds when we don’t create a war internally and externally with our brothers.  It helps dramatically when we activate our shared trust with our brothers through the realization that looking at them is the same as looking at ourselves.


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