1-14-15 Lesson 14 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lesson 14: “God did not create a meaningless world.”

We can have a huge sigh of relief.  God is not the creator of the meaninglessness.  God rather is the ultimate example of order in the form of certainty and love that gets manifested.  God doesn’t wish for us the insanity that comes with the meaningless world that gets created.  We can be so happy to have God as our perfect ally.  God brings an aligned energy that supports life in the most easy and helpful way.

We are asked to know that God is absolutely at our right hand and makes for us miracles in a world that is full of love in a Godly way.  It’s the highest elevation of energy we can have in the world which is not God’s home.  God can also bring love to the fringes and infiltrate all of the world even though it isn’t God’s chosen home.

We can celebrate having God as the most loving and supportive co-Creator of this world.  We are asked to just know that God has the best plan in mind and is creating this for us.  It helps me to know that God Himself is not the maker of the world’s meaninglessness.  I can know that God is happy to rather be a full support to me and us in making life filled with God’s purpose.

We can also remember that since God did not create a meaningless world, in fact it doesn’t exist at all.  This is especially helpful when my ego gets upset about something, acting like the injured.  Since God did not create this meaningless world, in actuality it doesn’t exit.  That helps me tremendously.  This takes away the power of the blow of emotional outburst when I am feeling particularly victimized.  The harshness in the way I experience the jolts to my ego in the world is reduced outstandingly when I just take to heart that the meaningless world doesn’t exist.  God wants better for me.  God Creates only what is optimally serving my greater good.


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